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Attitude of the Righteous

Our ministry is to reach out to the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help believers be equipped with a solid knowledge of the Word of God, the Bible, and be encouraged to apply it in every aspect of their daily lives. There are simple truths for these complex times to help people live in a way that brings real spiritual victory to them and more importantly, through the Lord Jesus Christ, glory to God our Father.
Matthew 9:20-22
And a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for twelve years, came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak; for she was saying to herself, "If I only touch His garment, I will get well." But Jesus turning and seeing her said, "Daughter, take courage; your faith has made you well." At once the woman was made well.

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Today's News

Another busy day yesterday as we worked and had fellowship here in Manchester and then drove over to Oldham for a time of fellowship with him before I taught the bible study there at his home for the brothers and sisters gathered there in the evening.

Today Alice and I will going out with Maurice and Joanna Barratt for a time of fellowship and then we will come back and I will pre-prayer for the teaching that I will do, and that will be filmed, on 'The Schemes of the Devil and the Triumph of Christ Jesus'. In the late afternoon and evening quite a number of brothers and sisters will join us for a time of fellowship and teaching.

The Mind of Christ: Perseverance
Jesus said that he who endures to the end shall be saved. So press on, persevere, don't give up and don't give in. You may have to dip in the Jordan River seven times before you see the answer but then you will see the glorious works of the Lord and you will see His glory!

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Fixing the Nation - New this week
The Lord has a glorious, heavenly plan to fix what ails the nation - and it is obvious how badly it is ailing. You may think that the answer was in the voting booth in November, but actually it is in the prayer closet today.

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