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Our ministry is to reach out to the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help believers be equipped with a solid knowledge of the Word of God, the Bible, and be encouraged to apply it in every aspect of their daily lives. There are simple truths for these complex times to help people live in a way that brings real spiritual victory to them and more importantly, through the Lord Jesus Christ, glory to God our Father.
1 Kings 8:30
Listen to the supplication of Your servant and of Your people Israel, when they pray toward this place; hear in heaven Your dwelling place; hear and forgive.

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Today's News
We are leaving early this morning to pick up Mark in Altamonte Springs. After loading his bags in the car with us we will drop his car off where he will be leaving it while we are away, and then head up to Deltona for our regular Sunday services.

At the end of our services we will get on the road and head north to New York, probably stopping in South Carolina for the first evening.
The Most Dangerous Attitude
Not Russia, not China, not Iran, not North Korea, not radical Islam and not ISIS, here is the real threat: Misunderstanding 'Full time ministry' and believing in part-time Christianity.

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Respect or Power
The apostle Paul wrote that the Lord has chosen the foolish things and the weak things of the world to shame the wise and the strong - but oh, how our flesh fears looking foolish and weak. That leads many to choose the approval, the respect, of the world at the cost of God's power working in their lives.

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A Simple Thought

- TIME -

 Should you live another hundred years, today
is the very last, the only,
that you will ever have!

Therefore be careful how you walk, not as
unwise men but as wise, redeeming the
time because the days are evil
(Ephesians 5:15-16)