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To The Reader!

It may be unusual (at least I certainly hope it is) to be hit by a speeding truck in Central America, and more unusual yet to live through the experience—but there is nothing terribly unusual about somebody needing a touch from the Lord. There is nothing unusual about a person being in a place where it seems as though there is just no answer and no hope in the world, no place to turn. You may even be there now!

There is nothing unusual about Jesus reaching down and intervening, bringing life where you can only imagine death. There is nothing unusual about His voice cutting through the darkness and the pain to bring light; to bring peace and joy in the midst of the pain! In that, there is nothing unique about my story, He has been doing that all through human history.

“Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you.”                 
{Isaiah 30:18}

If you need that touch from from the Lord—if you have not asked Him to forgive the failings and the sins of your life and to become the Lord of your life, then do it NOW! There are no guarantees for tomorrow without Him.