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Sermon on the Mount

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  Part 1: Introduction 38:55
  The beginning of our study on self-examination that will reveal what our lives in Christ should look like to us, to the world, and most importantly, to the Lord  

  Part 2: Check Your Love 44:45
  A self-examination of our lives in Christ to see if we have the love that is the fruit of the Holy Spirit - or just what the world calls love.  

  Part 3: Exceeding Joy 39:25
  Our joy should not rise and fall on the changing tides of happiness. Whether in great times of blessings or in the midst of great trials and tribulations, you should be able to say, "It is well with my soul."  

  Part 4: Pervasive Peace 53:17
  It is, after all, about the score at the end of the game -- it is about our destination, certain and sure, that gives us peace during the journey!  

  Part 5: Patience and Kindness 53:47
  Waiting patiently for the glorious interruptions in our lives, the opportunities to show a little kindness - God's love and grace - to others we encounter.  

  Part 6: Goodness 51:03
  The work of the Holy Spirit becomes visible in the ever increasing conflict between the "Commandment and Culture" when we do what is right and good and pleasing to God while the world does what is right in their own eyes and pleasing to them.  

  Part 7: Faithfulness 46:59
  Faith versus faithfulness: Are they different? Yes, and exactly the same! Many Christians know the definition of faith, the question becomes, do they understand it.  

  Part 8: Gentleness 59:48
  On trial and at the cross Jesus did not defend Himself nor did He attack his persecutors. He could have called on legions of angels. Never was there a greater demonstration of strength.  

  Part 9: Self-control and the Conclusion 40:29
  Self-control is truly only to be found in surrendering all control to the Spirit of God. It is the place of real freedom and it is the crown of the structure that has been built on the foundation of love. It is the perfect ending for our look at the Fruit of the Holy Spirit!  

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