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— 1 Thessalonians —
  An in-depth look at the Apostle Paul's first letter to the church at Thessalonica.
Very possibly his first letter ever to a church

Part 1  A look at the background of the city of Thessalonica and Paul's part in the life of the church there
1:1 to 1:6
Part 2  
1:6 to 1:9
Part 3  
1:9 to 2:2
Part 4  
2:3 to 2:6
Part 5  
2:6 to 2:15
Part 6 A look at Paul's conflict with the 'Jews' will take a very timely and special look at a subject that has been very prominent in U.S. news as of late - cults! We will see a biblical view of what defines a cult.
Part 7  
2:17 to 2:20
Part 8 In this session we will gain more insight into the heart and the ministry of the apostle Paul - and how that should direct our daily lives.
3:1 to 3:11
Part 9 We will see the consistency of Paul's teaching and his life as he instructs and encourages the saints in this letter.
3:12 to 3:13
Part 10 In this week's study, we take a look at a world much more religious than ours today and one of the reasons why. And then there's the reality of woman's liberation - oh, yes, and of course pornography.
4:1 to ...
Part 11 In this study we will find the apostle Paul's God-breathed teaching on comfort, on hope, and on victory in the face of our greatest challenges. As Solomon said, 'Understanding is a fountain of life to one who has it'  
Part 12 Life • Death • Eternity — An exceptionally important study, looking at the foundation of our relationship with God our Father. We will examine a truth that Christ our 'Cornerstone' is set upon and that the Church is built around.  
Part 13 Was that a trumpet I heard? — This week will see that what Paul wrote to Titus applied as well to the saints in Thessalonika ... and to us today ... as we look "for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus."  
Part 14 A "Quick Start Guide to Life" — Allen has always said that the Word of God is a book full of simple truths for complex times. In this part we will see how Paul brings victorious living down to simple basics.  
Part 15 A look at the power of the individual believer that becomes the power of the Church to affect the world around us. It's the final session in this 15 part Bible study