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A weekly series of 30 minute web-casts studying God's word to find what
true Christianity should look like and act like, cutting away the
man-made doctrines, traditions, and superstitions
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Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy - Part 7 - This Week's Program
Aug 17
2 Timothy 1:15-2:2 — Fairweather friends or faithful servants? The only way to find out is the hard way, when they choose to stay or to walk away! That said, the question that Jesus asked the twelve still rings out today, "Will you also go away?"
Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy - Part 6
Aug 10
2 Timothy 1:12-14 — It comes down to guarding the treasure that the Lord has given us…entrusted us with. Greater than all of the treasures of the world and far more enduring, we are blessed to have been given it in abundance, to overflowing, so we have so much to share with others. We are to pour it out to saints and sinners alike!
Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy - Part 5
Aug 3
2 Timothy 1:10-12 — Intimacy with God: The manifestation of the Lord's promises that had been revealed through the Law and the prophets. A study to get to an understanding of the love affair with Jesus that is Christianity. Love, not relics, rituals or traditions of men—knowing Him not just knowing about Him!
Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy - Part 4
Jul 27
2 Timothy 1:8-9 — An Eternal Testimony. The testimony of Jesus that leads us to confess 'the good confession' that then leads to the Lord's triumph in our lives. It is a part of our holy calling and God's purpose and grace at work in us and through us.
Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy - Part 3
Jul 20
2 Timothy 1:6-7 — Looking at the heat of God's fire, the enthusiasm that should fill our spirits and burn brightly in the world. Our excitement should be a beacon that guides the unsaved to the safe harbor that is our Lord. We should not be timid about proclaiming this to the lost, proclaiming the good news from the housetops!
Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy - Part 2
Jul 13
2 Timothy 1:5-6 — A sincere faith, without deceit or hypocrisy, that gains the approval of God will show forth the love of God. We just have to keep the fire burning brightly because we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth bringing the light of Jesus into the darkness of the world and making people thirst for the living waters.
Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy - Part 1
Jul 6
2 Timothy 1:1-4 — The introduction and the greeting that starts what is most likely the last letter that the apostle Paul wrote, and this from prison in Rome. It is personal and precious in its care and concern for Timothy, his son in the faith.
Paul's First Letter to Timothy ...
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 16
Jun 29
1 Timothy 6:19-21 — Finding the reality of our loving God in the conclusion and summary of this study in the apostle Paul's Spirit-breathed letter to his son in the faith (and us). It also ends with a warning for us to be on guard against the enemy who desires nothing more than our eternal death!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 15
Jun 22
1 Timothy 6:16-19 — A life that is immortal and real. Only the Lord can provide the gift of everlasting life that is filled with the reality and the joy of being with Him. Otherwise what pretends to be life will only be a poor imitation and will come to a horrid end.
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 14
Jun 15
1 Timothy 6:11-15 — Knowing what we should flee from and what we should pursue, all the while making the good confession. It brings victory in our lives and it brings glory to the Lord. And it is a really good plan all the way around because it is the Word of God!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 13
Jun 8
1 Timothy 6:8-10 — How we can avoid all sorts of evil. Contentment and satisfaction will keep a believer from the love of money, the very thing that leads to all sorts of evil. It is really great to know that the Lord will meet our every need. What we need now is to understand that!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 12
Jun 1
1 Timothy 6:3-8 — The Lord's plan for our contentment, like Abraham, full of years and satisfied with life. Couple that contentment with godliness and find the great gain that the world promises, but only our God can supply. And as always, it is all about love!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 11
May 25
1 Timothy 5:22-6:2 — There is a difference between a ministry of love and loving to be called a minister! It is about the coordination of ordination, knowing that the Lord is not looking for the sheepskin (a diploma) to see if you know 'stuff' and that He always searches the sheep's heart to see if you know Him!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 10
May 18
1 Timothy 5:17-22 — Learning to serve as a ruler and to rule as a servant. We have the example of many religious leaders in times past on how not to rule and of course, we have the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who is the perfect example of how we are to serve!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 9
May 11
1 Timothy 5:1-18 — Practical instruction on dealing with the family of God…and the family in your own household. It is all part of the Lord's plan for a 'happy home' here on planet earth even before you get to your home in glory land that outshines the sun.
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 8
May 4
1 Timothy 4:14-5:2 — How to feed your fire and keep it growing and glowing in an increasingly cold and dark world as we persevere in the midst of an ungodly culture. It certainly is about persevering and enduring until the end as we are warned to do.
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 7
Apr 27
1 Timothy 4:7-15 — From worldly fables to living truth; the apostle Paul strives and works to bring forth a teaching that is worthy and deserving full acceptance. It is a word to the young and to the old and one that is to be carried forth by both young and old believers.
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 6
Apr 20
1 Timothy 3:16-4:6 — Confessing the eternal truth rather than the momentary condition will make Jesus evident in our lives helping us and those around us from paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 5
Apr 13
1 Timothy 3:15 - Not the government, not the community; it is only the eternal Word of God that sets the standards for right and wrong behavior! The true believers, the salt of the earth and the light of the world, are called to be the pillar and buttress of that truth.
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 4
Apr 6
1 Timothy 2:1-5 - We are instructed to pray for all men, kings and all who are in authority, godly and not godly. We are further instructed that we are to pray to God our Father only through the one mediator, the man Christ Jesus!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 3
Mar 23
1 Timothy 2:1-5 - We are instructed to pray for all men, kings and all who are in authority, godly and not godly. We are further instructed that we are to pray to God our Father only through the one mediator, the man Christ Jesus!
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 2
Mar 16
1 Timothy 1:11-20 - The apostle Paul, formerly a hater of the church who desired to wipe it out, now changed by the grace of God, becomes both teacher and example of faithfulness for us. The Lord demonstrates His perfect patience in Paul for those who are the believers, saved by grace.
From Paul to Timothy to Us - Part 1
Mar 9
1 Timothy 1:1-10 - The start of a verse by verse study of this wonderful first letter from the apostle Paul to his 'son in the faith' Timothy. Filled with wisdom for those who will hear and heed the Spirit of God.
Conversations with My Father - Prayer, Part 6
Mar 2
The final part of this study on prayer. Once again, we travel back in time and across the pond to our gathering in Oldham, England where we did this study with a group of brothers and sisters a few years ago.
Conversations with My Father - Prayer, Part 5
Feb 23
As we continue our study of prayer (this time a 'blast from the past' in Oldham, England) we focus on the fact that the Lord leads us in paths of righteousness. We just need to walk that straight and narrow way—the way that leads to life.
Conversations with My Father - Prayer, Part 4
Feb 16
The incredible power to forgive that lies within every believer. The incredible command of Jesus that we are to forgive--even the worst of our enemies. It all works out in His plan. As always, what the Lord calls us to do, He equips us for!
Conversations with My Father - Prayer, Part 3
Feb 9
We don't have to convince the Lord to be good to us; We don't have to convince the Lord to provide for our needs. What we do need to do is to love Him, trust Him and praise Him!
Conversations with My Father - Part 2, Atomic Prayer
Feb 2
Starting with a look at three types of prayer: Individual, corporate and bad! Then we discuss atomic powered prayer. That is prayer that can truly move mountains, and it has always been the Lord's desire that we operate in His power.
Conversations with My Father - Part 1
Jan 26
A disciple came to Jesus and said to Him, "Lord teach us to pray..." Always faithful, training us in righteousness, the Lord did indeed teach them—and us how we are to pray. This study series examines His instruction so that we would pray effectual prayers according to His will that accomplish much!
The Mind of Christ: Perseverance
Jan 19
Jesus said that he who endures to the end shall be saved. So press on, persevere, don't give up and don't give in. You may have to dip in the Jordan River seven times before you see the answer but then you will see the glorious works of the Lord and you will see His glory!
The Mind of Christ: Perspective
Jan 12
It is all about how you see things—your vision! You have to see Jesus in everything and everything through the Word. Then the Lord will show you the chariots of fire. Otherwise, it may just be the blind leading the blind.
The Mind of Christ: Part 1
Jan 5
The apostle Paul wrote that we are to have the same attitude as Christ. A mind surrendered to the will of the Father, proclaimed with these beautiful, simple words: 'not My will but Thine be done.' Without those words treasured in your heart and your mind, there is no ministry, no authority and no real power.

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