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A weekly series of web-casts studying God's word to find what
true Christianity should look like and act like, cutting away the
man-made doctrines, traditions, and superstitions
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Letter to the Ephesians — Part 17 - New
MAR 27
Special — The Time of Testing. Starting with the first and last verse of our previous study, (5:17 and 5:20) we now spiritually appraise the time we live in and what the church should do. I have been saying for a very long time now that we are blessed to live in exciting times and I think that it would be hard to argue that point right now. God is in control and He has a plan and a purpose!
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 16
Chapter 5:17-20 — The Will of God. This look into Paul's letter is about knowing, understanding and doing the will of the Father as we examine desire, delight and denial. The goal is to truly please our God and to have the same mind in us that was in Christ Jesus.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 15
FEB 28
Chapter 5:3-16 — The Tongue of the Righteous. Guarding our tongues to bring the life and the light of Jesus Christ into a dark and dying world. It is about being on guard and the faith that we have in our God who is working His purpose, His pleasure and His plan in our lives.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 14
FEB 21
Chapter 4:30-5:2 -- The Imitation of Christ. Walking like, talking like and loving like Jesus. Not a counterfeit, but the life of a true follower, a disciple, and a bond-servant of the Lord of Lords. It should be our goal... it certainly is our Father's goal for us!
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 13
FEB 14
Chapter 4:19-30 — Learning Jesus Christ. Laying aside the 'old self' as we put on the Lord Jesus Christ and live led by the Spirit of God. This will then be a lifestyle that refuses to give the devil an opportunity as we train our tongues to speak words of life and God's love.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 12
Chapter 4:15-19 — Speaking the truth in love, and not being afraid of 'righteous rudeness'. It is important to be strong enough and bold enough to bring the word of life into a dark and dying world, and to guard against becoming callous and apathetic!
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 11
JAN 31
Chapter 3:7-4:14 — The Culture of Christianity. Instruction on how to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord's calling in and on our lives. It places a call to action on the principles already taught in this wonderful letter. Paul is instructing us on moving from childishness to maturity!
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 10
JAN 24
Chapter 3:3-6 - The Mystery of Unity. Revelation that leads to understanding the mystery of the Jewish and Gentile believers being fellow heirs, fellow members and fellow partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel. And the sinful division between Jewish and Gentile believers that has existed for 2,000 years.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 9
JAN 17
Chapter 2:20-3:3 - The church's firm foundation of the apostles and prophets fixed on, built upon, the Cornerstone of our faith, Jesus Christ. The awe of God that results in the wonders and the signs that the Lord works in and through His body, growing us into a holy temple.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 8
JAN 10
Chapter 2:10-19 - The Triangle of Love. In the world love triangles simply don't work, and most often are sinful. In the Kingdom of God however, triangles of love are required and are the only way real love works! That may sound strange, but this chapter shows that believers are indeed to be strange, peculiar.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 7
Chapter 2:8-9 - A look at the difference between religion and relationship in the Church. Religion is about the people who go to church; relationship is about those who are devoted to Christ and who ARE the church. The first based on what you do and the latter based on what He did for you!
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 6
DEC 27
Chapter 1:22 -- 2:9 - Seated in heavenly places with Christ, and oh, what a lovely view! From here one can bask in the presence of God and see the riches of His mercy and grace as the things of earth grow slowly dim in the light of His glory.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 5
DEC 20
Chapter 1:18-21 - The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. The apostle Paul knew that and now we should too! If we do not, then we will certainly not understand the Lord's rule, authority, power and dominion, and we certainly need to.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 4
Chapter 1:15-17 The apostle Paul's Holy Spirit directed message to the church on wisdom, revelation and knowledge. Make sure that you listen with your heart protected, Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness—or the breastplate of faith and love, same thing after all.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 3
NOV 29
Chapter 1:8-11 It is about forgiveness according to the riches of His grace and the mystery of His will. And it is surely about His love! It is also about the fullness of time, the end of the matter, and knowing that should encourage us to do as we are instructed, fixing our eyes on Jesus and setting our minds on the things above.
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 2
NOV 22
Chapter 1:4-8 God's plan in our lives from before the foundation of the world. That plan is about the family of God, our Father, Jesus Christ and us--the children of God and the bride of Christ. It is the relationship that strips away rituals and relics and brings the fullness of joy
Letter to the Ephesians — Part 1
NOV 15
The first part of a new study series taking an in-depth look the the apostle Paul's letter to the saints in Ephesus. It is about Jesus, the Son of God who came down from heaven to destroy the worship of the image of Artemis and bring life eternal to all who would receive.

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