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We are blessed to be able to use today's most modern technologies to carry an unchanging, ancient and eternal message of God's love and grace into all the world. Join us each week for the latest study or watch previous episodes on-demand at any time.

A weekly series of 30 minute web-casts studying God's word to find what
true Christianity should look like and act like, cutting away the
man-made doctrines, traditions, and superstitions
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The Mind of Christ: Perseverance - This Week's Program
Jan 12
Jesus said that he who endures to the end shall be saved. So press on, persevere, don't give up and don't give in. You may have to dip in the Jordan River seven times before you see the answer but then you will see the glorious works of the Lord and you will see His glory!
The Mind of Christ: Perspective
Jan 12
It is all about how you see things—your vision! You have to see Jesus in everything and everything through the Word. Then the Lord will show you the chariots of fire. Otherwise, it may just be the blind leading the blind.
The Mind of Christ: Part 1
Jan 5
The apostle Paul wrote that we are to have the same attitude as Christ. A mind surrendered to the will of the Father, proclaimed with these beautiful, simple words: 'not My will but Thine be done.' Without those words treasured in your heart and your mind, there is no ministry, no authority and no real power.

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