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Sermon on the Mount

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  Part 1: The Introduction 35:57
  A preamble to one of the greatest letters ever written - a true love letter, written by a true lover, the apostle Paul.

  Part 2: Chapter 1:1 44:36
  Getting into our in-depth study with a look at the first verse of Paul's letter to the Church in the center of world power - the heart of the Empire.

  Part 3: Chapter 1:2-5 53:43
  The great promise that was made concerning His Son, and concerning you! And then, the fulfillment that was publicly displayed - for His promises never fail to come to pass.

  Part 4: Chapter 1:5-7 1:01:51
  Faith and obedience, two sides of the same coin; two thirds of a cord not easily broken. And the holiness that came to us without cost, but not without cost to God.

  Part 5: Chapter 1:8-14 49:44
  The reputation of a church that was faithful to the Lord, and the man of God who served them with all of his heart.

  Part 6: Chapter 1:15-17 48:18
  The Gospel is for both the lost and the saved. The apostle Paul knew it and Martin Luther found it out. Certainly, neither one of them was ashamed of it.

  Part 7: Chapter 1:18-20 51:21
  Both the grace of God and the wrath of God are revealed in His Word - Jesus Christ. Hopefully, both will be understood and the right one will be chosen.

Part 8: Chapter 1:21-32 45:42
  The disease is sin; Its name is 'Homocentricity'; and its symptoms are numerous. They are named in this first chapter of Romans - and we name the cure!

  Part 9: Chapter 2 51:44
  An overview of the second chapter of Paul's letter and how the behavior of 'Christians' can glorify or dishonor God. Surely a mighty responsibility.

  Part 10: Chapter 3:1-18 53:54
  Sin is a birth defect that all mankind is born with - it's in the DNA. And there is only one cure. It's right there in Romans, chapter 3; and oh, by the way, you're not good!

  Part 11: Chapter 3:18-28 48:54
  The old gospel song says, "It is no secret" and that certainly is true of God's love. He publicly displayed His love for us on Calvary, at the same time He publicly displayed His triumph over the enemy. Now all we have to do is receive it!

  Part 12: Chapter 3:29 - 4:17 59:49
  The Law and Faith: Paul shows the truth that the New Covenant is indeed written in the blood of Jesus, and is the revelation of a transition from religion to righteousness, from ritual to relationship!

  Part 13: Chapter 4:18 - 5:3 1:03:35
  The Lord has proved through Abraham that He can and will do the seemingly impossible to keep His promises to us. We are the heirs and the fulfillment of His word to Abraham.

  Part 14: Chapter 5:3-9 51:53
  Faith - Hope - Love: Linked and locked together in ways you might not have imagined. The Lord has a plan to build and grow all three in our lives - but you might not like it!

  Part 15: Chapter 5:10-21 55:51
  The journey from sinner to saint, powered by the Holy Spirit, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ, and presented as a gift from the Father - it's right here. Watch at the end of the study as we show you four wonders of the world....

  Part 16: Chapter 6 & 7 1:01:32
  The apostle Paul's examination of the natural depravity of man and the ongoing onslaught of sin - and the absolute victory that we have over that condition in Christ Jesus. A study of Romans chapters 6 and 7.

  Part 17: Chapter 8:1-8 52:14
  Starting our study of Chapter 8, revealing the core - the heart and the power - of the apostle Paul's life and ministry. This session goes from verse 1 to verse 8.

  Part 18: Chapter 8:9-15 54:51
  Continuing our study of Chapter 8, revealing the core - the heart and the power - of the apostle Paul's life and ministry. This session takes us from verse 9 through verse 15.

  Part 19: Chapter 8:16-22 48:14
  This session answers the question - the all important question - that you may never have asked: What am I? The answer can change your life, at least the way you live it.

  Part 20: Chapter 8:23-27 52:48
  The children of God longing, groaning for His return. And a brief lesson on good prayer, bad prayer, and no prayer - we pray this blesses you!

  Part 21: Chapter 8:28 47:34
  A look at that wonderful verse. It is about your good, but far more importantly, it is about God's glory. Learn the power of making things work 'together' for good!

  Part 22: Chapter 8:29-31 53:46
  A look at the process of God's plan for our lives and the destiny it proclaims, along with a clear picture of what it really means that 'God is for us'

  Part 23: Chapter 8:31-39 55:04
  We end our time in this incredible chapter as we study the unstoppable power of God's love in the life of the apostle Paul - and how we should have that same experience in our lives.

  Part 24: Chapter 9:1-26 51:35
  The unstoppable promises and calling of God and the power of His absolute and total authority and sovereignty. It is all about us having the mind and the heart of God.

  Part 25: Chapter 9:27-33 46:21
  The biggest lie - the greatest truth. Both are exposed in this part of Paul's letter. It is a good check to see which you have believed!

  Part 26: Chapter 10:1-8 55:24
  A zeal for the Lord is a wonderful thing - a zeal for the Law, not so much. Faith in the atoning work of Jesus, or lack of faith, will determine the object of your zeal.

  Part 27: Chapter 10:9-14 49:04
  It is about believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth. It is a plan from God to walk always in the triumph of Christ Jesus - assuming that you are believing the right thing!

  Part 28: Chapter 10:15-21 51:16
  When all is said and done, it is about faith - or it is about fear. One will rule your life! One leads to being an overcomer while the other will see us overcome. As a dear friend of mine says, "What a man believes rules him."

  Part 29: Chapter 11 52:20
  The faithfulness of God is greater than the faithlessness of man. And the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. The Jews - and the Gentiles - will come to know that.

  Part 30: Chapter 12:1-3 48:26
  A caterpillar into a butterfly - metamorphose - but not nearly as spectacular as a sinner into a saint. We are to be transformed into beautiful worshipers of the Most High God

  Part 31: Chapter 12:3-12 51:08
  The elephant in the room: - Getting the full picture in this chapter of the Lord's wonderful plan to bless the entire body, each and every one of us. And that through the process of worship!

  Part 32: Chapter 12:13-21 43:24
  A look at our God-directed relationship with all the sinners and saints we meet along that narrow road that leads to life. And the things that lead to victory in our lives!

  Part 33: Chapter 13:1-7 48:38
  A ministry that God has established, one that Christians talk about a lot, one that is rarely recognized by Christians as ministry!

  Part 34: Chapter 13:8-14 46:22
  A debt of love. The one, and the only one you should owe. And the one that you should be dealing with every single day; particularly as The Day draws closer.

  Part 35: Chapter 14:1-3 50:08
  The spiritual transition from infancy to maturity. It is a process that leads to walking in the fullness of our new life in Christ - bringing about the unity that Jesus prayed for in the garden.

  Part 36: Chapter 14:4-9 53:11
  And now, an important word from the Lord of the living and of the dead, from the God of the living. It is all about who you live and die for!  

  Part 37: Chapter 14:10-14 51:06
  Paul says that there will come a time when we all stand alone before the judgment seat of God. It may be a bit hard to understand but I for one am looking forward to it!  

  Part 38: Chapter 14:13-23 43:15
  Convinced of purity and then living in holiness. It is the good thing - it is the Kingdom of God. It is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  

  Part 39: Chapter 15:1-4 51:44
  From your very first breath you have been taught a lie - "It's all about you!" Actually, it is all about the person next to you, or the person in the grocery store, or the person you meet at work, or....

  Part 40: Chapter 15:5-7 49:31
  Perseverance, encouragement, and hope - all gifts from God - and all leading to unity with such a wonderful, holy purpose.

  Part 41: Chapter 15:8-14 43:24
  A unity that fuels a hope that leads to the fullness of joy and peace in the lives of believers. Plus the key to the power that drives this.

  Part 42: Chapter 15:15-16 48:00
  It is about saying what has to be said, when it needs to be said, to the person it needs to be said to. It is about the ministry of the royal priesthood.

  Part 43: Chapter 15:17-19 47:19
  It's all about Paul's fulfilling the Great Commission - proclaiming the Word, the truth, in humility and in power. It is all about us doing the same.

  Part 44: Chapter 15:20-27  
  Direction by circumstance can be the Holy Spirit in disguise. It depends on how submitted you are to the Leader - who leads us in paths of righteousness! 1:02:58

  Part 45: Chapter 15:28-16:27 56:13
  As we discuss Paul's desire to go to Rome as he heads for Jerusalem we reach the end of this incredible letter.

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