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Sermon on the Mount

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  This is an important, in-depth teaching that we are sure will prove to be a blessing to us all as we become more aware of the enemy's plans and the Lord's Word to build faith to overcome.
  Part 1: Introduction & Chapter 1: Division; The Results 53:46
  The start of our study on the tactics that our adversary, the devil, uses to attempt to get us off the narrow way that leads to life. The Word says that we should not be unaware of his wiles.  

  Part 2: Chapter 1: Division; Impact and Causes 49:28
  A look into the causes of division in the church and the potential dangers of the ecumenical movement. It is about having unity inside the Body of Christ and how to righteously deal with those who are outside.  

  Part 3: Chapter 1: Division; Causes 50:08
  Taking offense leads to even more reasons to separate from one another. And that is simply because we are not dead, as we are supposed to be. And by the way, there is a really great preview of our look at distraction as Satan tries to burn down the building we are in as we record this video.  

  Part 4: Chapter 1: Division; Causes 48:05
  Race, age, wealth and politics - all sit at the root of division in the Body of Christ. But, greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. The prayer of Jesus in the Garden will be answered!  

  Part 5: Division & Distraction 53:56
  The conclusion of Chapter 1 and the Introduction to Chapter 2:
The Church seems Divided and Distracted with the enemy all around. Thankfully, the Lord has that old devil surrounded with chariots of fire and us surrounded with His love!

  Part 6: Distraction 49:31
  The root of distraction can be seen in the parable of the Sower and the Seed. In this study we track the growth of lust that leads to death, and how we have the power to destroy it before it can take hold.  

  Part 7: Distraction 47:32
  The conclusion of this chapter with a last look at the causes of distraction and a study of the solutions to this devilish scheme.  

  Part 8: Chapter 3: Disarmament 50:08
  The enemy, who has been disarmed, is trying to level the playing field: He wants to take the weapon that the Lord has given the Church away from every believer.  

  Part 9: Disarmament 47:36
  Man's complex interpretations and traditions that he devil tries to use to take away or dull the weapon that we have been given - what he fears the most, the Word. It is the sword that the Lord has given, divinely powerful to destroy the schemes that the enemy plots against us.  

  Part 10: Disarmament 49:43
  Bible Translations, the good, the bad, and the ugly. A close look at the different types of translations and an examination of the blessings and the dangers that lie in wait out there for believers, the redeemed of the Lord.  

  Part 11: Disarmament 37:31
  Conclusion of Chapter 3: Disarmament - The care and feeding of a bladed weapon. This session focuses on our growing in knowledge of the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.  

  Part 12: The Conclusion 41:11
  A Call To Action - Suit up for the conflict, put on your 'battle clothes' to insure that you enjoy the victory of a war that has already been won!  

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