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Sermon on the Mount

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1. Introduction 31:44
  The first part of our study of the seven churches of Revelation to examine the things that are pleasing - and the things that are displeasing - to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is, who was, and who is to come.
  The Church in Ephesus - - - - - - -  
2. Revelation 2:1-2 44:12
  An historical and biblical background of the church in this city and the start of an in depth look at this letter in the Book of Revelation that God Himself wrote.

3. Revelation 2:2-5 46:20
  The 'good' is that the believers in Ephesus test all things and they are steadfast; the 'bad' is that they have left their first love; and the 'ugly' is coming in our next session!

4. Revelation 2:5-6 39:24
  Remember, Repent and Do: The keys to the church at Ephesus being where they should be in their relationship with God -- unlike the Nicolaitans who God hates!

5. Revelation 2:6-7 43:42
  The Nicolaitans whom God hates: The "Evangelical, bible-believing, spirit-filled" Christian Pharisees of today's church. Hey there overcomer, can you hear what the Spirit is saying?

6. Revelation 2:7 & Summary 39:41
  The conclusion and a summary of this letter to the first of the seven churches. The Lord speaks to the overcomers who hear and obey Him and then walk in His victory into the paradise of God to return to the Tree of Life.
  The Church in Smyrna - - - - - - -  
7. Revelation Introduction & 2:8-9 44:37
  The introduction and start of this letter to the second of the seven churches. The Lord speaks to the believers living in tribulation and poverty in the midst of this prosperous and successful city. He explains to those who will hear Him of their great riches and safety.

8. Revelation Chapter 2:9-10 46:25
  Tribulation and poverty, sentenced to jail and so much more to rejoice about! This session has a discussion about God's "Hope Machine" that you will surely not want to miss.

9. Revelation Chapter 2:10-11 & Summary 41:51
  Being faithful unto death will lead us to the crown of life that the Lord has set before us. And it is the only way to a joyous resurrection and to worship in spirit and in truth.
  The Church in Pergamum - - - - - - -  
10. History & Revelation Chapter 2:12-13 46:02
  A background of this city's history and a study to see what is pleasing to the Lord in our day and age. This is the first part of our study of the letter to these saints who live in Satan's home town.

11. Revelation 2:13-16 42:45
  A study of this letter where the Lord deals with the acceptance of the false teaching and teachers within that body of believers - and He provides the solution!

12. Revelation 2:16-17 41:57
  The hidden manna, a white stone, a new name and triumph in Jesus Christ. This is the promise of God to those who would overcome and repent for tolerating false teaching in the assembly of believers in this city, and in yours!  

13. The Letter to the church in Pergamum - Conclusion and Summary 18:26
  The conclusion of our study of the this letter, third of the seven churches, from Jesus, through John on Patmos to the saints at Pergamum - and to the church everywhere today.
  The Church in Thyatira - - - - - - -  
14. Introduction and Revelation Chapter 2:18-19 43:10
  The Son of God's message to His people who are loving and faithful and are doing the deeds that glorify the Father.  

15. Revelation 2:19-20 40:37
  Perseverance, good deeds that are good and good deeds that are bad, and the false prophetess Jezebel. A church two thousand years ago, and a church that exists today.

16. Revelation 2:20-23 45:40
  Repentance and the fear of the Lord, the allotted time, and generational curses. It's all here, it's all important - and it's all for today.

17. Revelation 2:23-24 49:26
  Works or faith? That is the question that arises. And the simple answer is, "Yes!" The remnant will understand, just check it out with the apostle Paul, that great 'babbler' as the foolish Greek wise men called him.

18. Revelation 2:24-25 35:53
  Spiritual maturity comes about by a very simple process - and yet it is one that the mind balks at, a majority of Christians seem to disagree with, and goes against what they think. So change your thinking and hold fast until He comes.

19. Revelation 2:26-29 51:51
  The conclusion of this letter is about being faithful to the end and avoiding speculation and conjecture. It is about getting understanding from the revelation that we've been given.
  The Church in Sardis - - - - - - -  
20. Revelation Chapter 3:1-6 53:39
  Zombies walking the ancient paths of this historic city - and filling the pews of its church! This letter is a warning cry from the Lord to awake while there is yet time. Can you hear it?
  The Church in Philadelphia - - - -  
21. Revelation Chapter 3:7-8 49:14
  A door of opportunity opened by the holy and true, the Lord Jesus with the key of David for a faithful Church. Can you hear Him? Can you see it?

22. Revelation 3:8-10 43:26
  This part of the letter is primarily about the power of God; how we connect to it, how we can walk in it, and how we can live in it - all for His glory.

23. Revelation 3:10-11 44:07
  Take some time to watch this study about time and about the place where you should be dwelling as you watch it. It is better, and certainly more scripturally sound than the old Twilight Zone shows, but probably even more strange to some!

24. Revelation 3:12-13 49:09
  This is the conclusion of our study of Jesus' letter to this church. It is about pillars and the names written upon them. It is about the blessings of God to His faithful bond-servants.
  The Church in Laodicea - - - - -  
25. Introduction 54:32
  An introduction to this the most harsh letter of the seven. It is a picture of the 'last' church, one in which there is nothing pleasing to the Lord.

26. Revelation 3:14-18 44:42
  Lukewarm and sickening to the Lord, it is an assembly of people that is blinded to the truth by the glare of their gold.

27. Revelation 3:18-19 46:33
  The power of the world in the hands of Satan, the father of lies, rests on his ability to deceive. Being fooled by optical illusions can cause you to be disillusioned. Watch this episode, you won't believe your eyes!

28. Revelation 3:20 50:04
  When is a church not a church? When does worship result in very bad things happening? When and where does it all end?

29. Revelation 3:20-21 51:01
  It is about the voice of Jesus calling to people who cannot hear the Holy Spirit. It is about coming out and being separate. It is about overcoming inertia!  

30. Revelation 3:21-22 ... Conclusion 48:14
  We look at being a joint heir with Jesus Christ and hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying. Followed by a summary of the entire study.  

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