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A weekly series of 30 minute web-casts studying God's word to find what
true Christianity should look like and act like, cutting away the
man-made doctrines, traditions, and superstitions
2015 Program Information
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Blessed Are The Meek
038 Dec 25
King David said that 'weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.' The apostle John said that the Lamb will lead His own to 'springs of the water of life; and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.' There surely is comfort for those who mourn!
Mourning Into Comfort
037 Dec 18
King David said that 'weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.' The apostle John said that the Lamb will lead His own to 'springs of the water of life; and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.' There surely is comfort for those who mourn!
Those Who Mourn
036 Dec 11
Mourning the walking dead and bringing the Word of eternal life. Turning tears into joy and crying into rejoicing is the ministry of reconciliation.
The Poor In Spirit
035 Dec 4
It is the perfect start to the teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. This first Beatitude proclaims the Father's love and the lordship of Jesus Christ as it sets the stage for the entire message.
A Lesson In God's Language
034 Nov 27
Finding common language as we start studying the Beatitudes in this most wonderful, radical, life-changing teaching of Jesus Christ - the Sermon on the Mount.
The Upward Call
033 Nov 20
Going up the mountain to hear the single most radical, life changing teaching ever, the Sermon on the Mount. It is the very definition of what Christianity is supposed to be.
Return To Relevance
032 Nov 13
The single most relevant teaching in man's history has now been widely rejected by mankind as being irrelevant! The world and life today are beset with problems on every side. The Sermon on the Mount has the answers, tried and proven, for all who will receive it.
Words of Understanding
031 Nov 6
There is revelation, which then requires understanding. And then, that understanding needs to be coupled with knowledge and wisdom from above if indeed we are to be the 'salt of the earth' and the 'light of the world' as Jesus has called us to be.
The Path of Discipleship
030 Oct 30
What greater calling can there be than to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ? It is training, teaching and empowering us to speak like, think like, and act like the One who is the way, the truth and the life.
Be Pre-Prayered
029 Oct 23
That is not a mistake or a misspelling, the only possible way to be prepared for whatever may come into your life is through prayer; And that prayer has to be conversation with the Lord not just talking to Him telling Him what you want. Faith comes by hearing.
It Is A Time To Be Ready
028 Oct 16
There is a season for everything, and a time for every event under heaven. This is surely a time to be ready! Paul wrote to Timothy, speaking of the perilous last days, instructing him to be ready in season and out of season. And even if these were not those days, we are far closer to them than when that letter was written!.
Hope: Born of Holiness and Humility
027 Oct 9
The world offers hope that is generally no more than wishful thinking and is all too often just an illusion. That imitation of true hope leads most people into being disillusioned and heart-sick. The Lord brings a hope that the Word says, "does not disappoint." This is about God's plan to make that real and holy hope blossom in your life.
Humility: Empowering Holiness
026 Oct 2
In our last program we spoke about true holiness. There is a force in our lives that the Holy Spirit uses to fuel the holiness in our lives, it is called humility. We conquer through surrender - as we joyfully sing, "I surrender all" and follow Jesus to the victory.
Holiness and Fire
025 Sep 25
The Lord calls us to do good, but He calls us to be holy. And He has a plan to make us holy - this is it! It is about fire. This is cool stuff from a God who is a consuming fire.
Simple Truths for Complex Times
024 Sep 18
Without doubt, we live in complex times and people are seeking answers. Fortunately, the Lord has provided the answers for His people - and the truth is far more simple than you might have imagined!
A New Way of Thinking
023 Sep 11
The disciples had been trained by the religious leaders of their time; they had also been influenced by the Roman-Greek world around them, and then Jesus taught them that they needed to change their thinking. How about us?
A Spiritual Lesson In Gardening
022 Sep 4
It is the oldest profession and we all need training in it. This lesson is about learning from the Word how all life is designed to go from seed, to root to fruit. It has the message we all need, and that the flesh likes the least.
The Most Dangerous Attiude
021 Aug 28
Not Russia, not China, not Iran, not North Korea, not radical Islam and not ISIS, here is the real threat: Misunderstanding 'Full time ministry' and believing in part-time Christianity.
Red Sea Faith : Red Sea Fear
020 Aug 21
What the Lord did at the Red Sea was marvelous, it was wonderful. What His people did, not so much! What they did wrong back then is what we need to be on guard against in the church today.
Magic and Mammon: Babylonian Power
019 Aug 14
The world does not, it cannot, have the power of God. That is the heritage of the saints, the children of God who are the temple of the Holy Spirit. So 'religion' that is devoid of righteousness has made a counterfeit of true power - magic and mammon.
Rituals and Relics: The Quest for Power
018 Aug 7
From Babylon to Rome: Man's desire for power has led to seeking strange things in strange places and has promoted the counterfeit - Magic! Meanwhile, God, the source of all power, is just looking to give it to whoever will receive.
Babylon to Rome: Misdirected Worship
017 July 31
From Nebuchadnezzar's idol in Babylon to the false gods of Persia and Greece to the idols of Rome, man's worship has gone astray. It is the root cause of so many problems in today's world - as well as in today's Church.
The Priesthood: Either Royal or Wrong
016 July 24
The theology of Babylon that has crept into the Christianity of today. A look at how so much of what the church believes and does has been conformed to this world rather than being directed by the Word of God.
The Tower of Babel: A Long Climb To A Bad End
015 July 17
The theology of Babylon that has crept into the Christianity of today. A look at how so much of what the church believes and does has been conformed to this world rather than being directed by the Word of God.
Mystery Babylon: Kingdoms of Confusion
014 July 10
The religion of Babylon, the aggression of Persia, the philosophy of Greece, and the culture of Rome combined to create a dangerous theology for today. This is the first part of a study of how so much of Christianity has come to be conformed to this world rather than transformed into the mind of Christ. A confusion that spread from the head to the toes!
From Genesis To Revelation
013 July 3
A study of the whole bible, start to finish, and the history of man, from beginning to end - in 30 minutes! It is all preparation to look at 'Mystery Babylon' so we can see Jesus more clearly as we cut through the deep darkness.
Evangelism: Releasing the Treasure
012 June 26
This is about evangelism. All too many churches and ministries seem to have man-made programs while the Lord has a heavenly, glorious plan. And once again, man's programs all too often don't line up with God's plan to spread the treasure that He has used to fill these earthen vessels.
Acts 6: From Organism to Organization
011 June 19
What appears to be a minor and subtle change in the early church may be a paradigm shift that planted seeds for tares to come forth later on. It is the beginning of a transformation of a lively, living body into what often becomes a bloated, stagnant, imitation of His Body.
Acts 6: It's All Greek To Me
010 June 12
The apostle Paul warned against being taken captive through philosophy, but it seems as though the church today may be more influenced by Aristotle than by God's Word. As the old saying goes, 'Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.'
Church Growth - The Bad
009 June 5
There is a program afoot to fill the pulpits and pews of congregations and it is not evangelism, it is not revival, it is not good - it is in fact evil! It is about shepherds responsibility to deal with the wolves and false brethren.
The Church in Transition
008 May 29
A prayerful look at the early changes in a church that is always supposed to look like Jesus Christ who is the same 'yesterday, today, and yes forever.'
The Application of Love
007 May 22
Like faith which is dead without works, love that is not applied in action is useless and dead. There is a word, and a plan in the Lord's church, for that action - it is called 'Ministry'
Love in a Word
006 May 15
A study of the Word to grow in our understanding of true love in the midst of an onslaught of worldly misunderstandings and imitations. This week's program is about seeking the heart of Jesus in our own lives.
Christianity in a Word
005 May 8
There are many, many words, adjectives, that help describe what true Christianity is - but there is only one word that can truly define it: "Love." It is about the love of God - loving God, and His love working in and through our lives to touch others.
That Was Not Attractive
004 May 1
A response to feedback from a brother. This is about the power of words and worldly attraction. It is about wonder and the horror of the cross of Christ. It is about change.
The Imitation of Jesus
003  April 24
Talking like Jesus, thinking like Jesus and acting like Jesus - that is the imitation of Jesus - not the counterfeit. And of course, it is all based on loving like Jesus.
Relationship & Commitment
002  April 17
The second episode of this new program takes a look at the foundational truths of our faith. We then ask if those truths are to be found in practice in our lives today today.
The Introduction
001  April 10
In this first episode of our new program we look at establishing the guidelines for the study and start to first of all get a Spirit-led definition of true Christianity so we know what to look for as we progress in this quest for understanding and wisdom.
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