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Letter to the Ephesians - Part 6
E-06 DEC 27
Chapter 1:22 -- 2:9 - Seated in heavenly places with Christ, and oh, what a lovely view! From here one can bask in the presence of God and see the riches of His mercy and grace as the things of earth grow slowly dim in the light of His glory.
Letter to the Ephesians - Part 5
E-05 DEC 20
Chapter 1:18-21 - The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. The apostle Paul knew that and now we should too! And if we do not, then we will certainly not understand the Lord's rule, authority, power and dominion, and we certainly need to.
Letter to the Ephesians - Part 4
E-04 DEC 6
Chapter 1:15-17 - The apostle Paul's Holy Spirit directed message to the church on wisdom, revelation and knowledge. Make sure that you listen with your heart protected, Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness—or the breastplate of faith and love, same thing after all.
Letter to the Ephesians - Part 3
E-03 NOV 29
Chapter 1:8-11 - It is about forgiveness according to the riches of His grace and the mystery of His will. And it is surely about His love! It is also about the fullness of time, the end of the matter, and knowing that should encourage us to do as we are instructed, fixing our eyes on Jesus and setting our minds on the things above.
Letter to the Ephesians - Part 2
E-02 NOV 22
Chapter 1:4-8 - God's plan in our lives from before the foundation of the world. That plan is about the family of God, our Father, Jesus Christ and us--the children of God and the bride of Christ. It is the relationship that strips away rituals and relics and brings the fullness of joy
Letter to the Ephesians - Part 1
E-01 NOV 15
The first part of a new study series taking an in-depth look the the apostle Paul's letter to the saints in Ephesus. It is about Jesus, the Son of God who came down from heaven to destroy the worship of the image of Artemis and bring life eternal to all who would receive.
Schemes of the Devil - Part 12
S-12 NOV 1
A Call To Action - Suit up for the conflict, put on your 'battle clothes' to insure that you enjoy the victory of a war that has already been won!
Schemes of the Devil - Part 11
S-11 OCT 24
Conclusion of Chapter 3: Disarmament - The care and feeding of a bladed weapon. This session focuses on our growing in knowledge of the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.
Schemes of the Devil - Part 10
S-10 OCT 18
Disarmament: Chapter 3- Disarmament: Bible Translations, the good, the bad, and the ugly. A close look at the different types of translations and an examination of the blessings and the dangers that lie in wait out there for believers, the redeemed of the Lord
Schemes of the Devil - Part 9
S-9 OCT 11
Disarmament: Man's complex interpretations and traditions provide opportunities the devil tries to use to take away or dull the weapon that we have been given - what he fears the most, the Word. It is the sword that the Lord has given, divinely powerful to destroy every scheme that the enemy plots against us.
Schemes of the Devil - Part 8
S-8 OCT 4
Disarmament: The enemy, who has been disarmed and defeated, is trying to level the playing field: He wants to take the weapon that the Lord has given the Church away from every believer.
Schemes of the Devil - Part 7
S-7 SEP 27
Distraction: The conclusion of this chapter with a last look at the causes of distraction and a study of the Lord's solutions to this devilish scheme. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
Schemes of the Devil - Part 6
S-6 SEP 20
Distraction: The root of distraction can be seen in the parable of the Sower and the Seed. In this week's study we track the growth of lust that leads to death, and how we have been given the power to destroy it before it can take hold!
Schemes of the Devil - Part 5
S-5 SEP 13
Division and Distraction: The Church seems all too often divided and distracted by the enemy all around us. Thankfully however, the Lord has that old devil surrounded with chariots of fire and has us surrounded with His love!!!
Schemes of the Devil - Part 4
S-4 SEP 6
Race, age, wealth and politics - all sit at the root of division in the Body of Christ. But praise the Lord, greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. The prayer of Jesus in the Garden will be answered!
Schemes of the Devil - Part 3
S-3 AUG 30
The Unfailing Promises of God! From the beginning the Father was promising the gift of His Son to take away our sins. And then came the fulfillment that was publicly displayed—for His promises never fail to come to pass. PS: Watch for the fire, Holy Fire, Canadian style!!!
Schemes of the Devil - Part 2
S-2 AUG 23
A look into the causes of division in the church and the potential dangers of the ecumenical movement. It is about having unity inside the Body of Christ and how to righteously deal with those who are outside.
Schemes of the Devil - Introduction
S-1 AUG 16
This is an important, in-depth study that we are sure will prove to be a blessing to us all as we become more aware of the enemy's plans and the Lord's Word to that builds faith to overcome. As the apostle Paul wrote, we are not to be ignorant of Satan's schemes.
Written for Instruction
R-39 AUG 9
Paul makes it clear that the Word was written for our instruction. From your very first breath you have been taught a lie - "It's all about you!" Actually, it is all about the person next to you, or the person in the grocery store, or the person you meet at work, or.....
The Salt of the Earth
49 AUG 2
The saints of God add flavor to this tasteless world and preserve what is good in it. And we, the redeemed of the Lord, should certainly cause the unsaved to thirst for the living waters that only the Lord can provide.
A Faithful Witness
48 JUL 26
If and when the 'earthen vessel' is broken the love of God that fills our hearts should burst forth with life-giving power. Trust in the Lord and pray that the the springs of life will touch someone who will drink to eternal salvation from that fountain of life!
Blessed to be Persecuted
47 JUL 19
The righteous are blessed when they are persecuted because it provides the opportunity to do what only the righteous can do—return good for evil and love for hatred. The tongue of the righteous is as choice silver, and like silver bells, we give off a beautiful sound when struck!
The Sons of God
46 JUL 12
We, the children of God, are ambassadors of Christ bringing a message of a true and lasting peace to the world. Jesus, of course was the offering, and the only path to peace. The way, the truth and the life — that is the Prince of Peace.
Blessed are the Peacemakers
45 JUL 5
You cannot give what you do not have; so you have to be a peace-taker before you can be a peacemaker! We have to receive the peace that only Jesus can give in order to bring the peace that only Jesus can give into the lives of others.
A Consuming Obsession
44 JUN 28
It is not so much about what you add to your life, nor is it just about what you do, as much as it is about what you take out of your life and what you stop doing. It is about us letting the Lord extract the precious from the worthless.
Blessed are the Pure in Heart
43 JUN 21
It is not so much about what you add to your life, nor is it just about what you do, as much as it is about what you take out of your life and what you stop doing. It is about us letting the Lord extract the precious from the worthless.
Choosing Satisfaction
41 JUN 14
People around the world are dissatisfied. Unhappy with their homes, their jobs, the car they have-or don't have-and so much more. It is a virtual plague! And yet, there is such a simple solution; Hunger and thirst for righteousness—choose satisfaction!
Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
40 JUN7
This study, picking up once again about the attitude and behavior of true disciples, looks at a driving, overwhelming desire that outweighs all others. It is about a right relationship with our Father through His son, Jesus Christ and now, humbly practicing righteousness for His glory!
Strange! But Not Strange Enough?
120 May31
In his first letter, the apostle Peter refers to believers as aliens and strangers residing on this planet. It would have done as well for him to remind us that our behavior is to be strange, at least to the world. We are different and are to think, to speak, and to act differently than the world. We are strange, hallelujah!
Being Pre-Prayered
29 May24
That is not a mistake or a misspelling, the only possible way to be prepared for whatever may come into your life is through prayer. And that prayer has to be conversation with the Lord not just talking to Him telling Him what you want. Faith comes by hearing.
A Time To Be Ready
28 May17
It says in Ecclesiastes that there is a season for everything, and a time for every event under heaven. This is surely a time to be ready! The apostle Paul wrote to Timothy instructing him that he should be ready in season and out of season as he spoke of the perilous last days. And even if these were not those days, we are far closer now than when that letter was written!
Hope: Born of Holiness and Humility
27 May10
The world offers hope that is generally no more than wishful thinking and is all too often just an illusion. That imitation of true hope leads most people into being disillusioned and heart-sick. The Lord brings a hope that the Word says, 'does not disappoint.' This is about God's plan to make that real and holy hope blossom in your life.
Humility: Empowering Holiness
26 May3
There is a force in our lives that the Holy Spirit uses to fuel the holiness in our lives, it is called humility. We conquer through surrender - as we joyfully sing, "I surrender all" and follow Jesus to the victory. Originally from October 2015 and well worth another look!
Holiness: It Is All About Fire
25 Apr 26
The Lord calls us to do good, but, more importantly, He calls us to be holy. And He has a plan to make us holy - this is it! It is all about fire. This is cool stuff from a God who is a consuming fire.' Originally from September 2015
A Trojan Horse Inside the Church Walls
194 Apr 12
The apostle Paul warned believers against being taken captive through philosophy, but it seems as though the church today may be more influenced by Aristotle than by God's Word. As the old saying goes, 'Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.'
The Behavior and Attitude - Poor in Spirit - 2
193 Apr 5
We believers need to change the way that we think. That will change the way that we act! With confidence and trust in the faithfulness of the Lord, bringing blessings to us and glory to Him. The command to do this is called, 'Repentance' in the Bible.
The Behavior and Attitude - Poor in Spirit - 1
192 Mar 29
Because of the riches and love of our Father we need never be troubled by the desire for worldly wealth. We should desire more and more of Him in our lives; everything else will be added unto us. Jesus came for us to have life abundantly. As He said, 'Seek ye first...'
The Behavior and Attitude - The Mercy Seat - 2
191 Mar 22
It is an important message as we face lawlessness more and more each day. That is truly an attack on the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As we received love, we must give love—as we received forgiveness we must forgive—and as we received mercy we must be merciful. That brings the knowledge of Christ Jesus into every place we go!
The Behavior and Attitude - The Mercy Seat - 1
190 Mar 15
The mercy seat on the Ark of the Covenant is the place where God and man met in the wilderness. Jesus Christ is the mercy seat, the very place of God the Father's compassion where mankind finds the amazing grace that alone can save us today!
A Clear and Present Danger - Part 3
189 Mar 8
The conclusion of our look at the truth about the 'brotherhood of man' and the difference between the Lord's command for us to love our enemies and the world's, the devil's, desire for us to seek unity with our enemies. Brotherhood requires having the same Father!
A Clear and Present Danger - Part 2
188 Mar 1
Continuing our look at the encroaching and approaching 'one-world church' under the hand of the farther of lies, bringing his family together as one. It may surprise you who the agents of this movement are and how they are celebrating this ungodliness.
A Clear and Present Danger - Part 1
187 Feb 22
We were witness to a truly historic event this month, February 2019. It was an event that truly signals that we are fast approaching the end of time. Yet, I have to wonder if anybody noticed—and if they did did they recognize it it for what it is. How many times did the false prophets cry 'Peace, peace' in times past when there was no peace!
A Heart for Revival - Part 5
186 Feb 15
When true revival happens, there will be results, glorious results. Then there will be responsibilities to nourish that move of God so that it does not fade out but stays vital and growing. And of course true revival, stirring up the people of God, will also stir up the adversary who is always against the things of God!
A Heart for Revival - Part 4
185 Feb 8
The people had a mind to work, the enemies had a mind to stop them! The people of God, with their eyes fixed on the Lord and the task before them, the schemes of the enemy were thwarted ... And then the attack came from within! Division-Distraction-Disarmament — but nothing could prevent victory in Jesus.
A Heart for Revival - Part 3
184 Feb 1
With a mind to work, to rebuild the wall, and heart filled for glory of the Lord, God's people could stand against the enemies who arose to try to prevent the restoration. They did the work with one hand while the other held a weapon—the Word of God!
A Heart for Revival - Part 2
183 Jan 25
Like the prodigal son, a path and a plan for getting back to a right relationship with our Father, through Jesus Christ. Recognition, remorse, repentance, revival, reformation, restoration and relocation. The Lord spoke through Jeremiah to say that He has a plan to give us a future.
A Heart for Revival - Part 1
182 Jan 18
The model for true revival is very clear in the Book of Nehemiah; to recognize the problem, to have remorse, and then to repent which will lead to restoration. And that is joyful conclusion and the will of God and Christ Jesus.
A Family Affair
181 Jan 11
The model for true revival is very clear in the Book of Nehemiah; to recognize the problem, to have remorse, and then to repent which will lead to restoration. And that is joyful conclusion and the will of God and Christ Jesus.
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