An Echo of Love
Not leaning on your own understanding as Solomon wrote in Proverbs means that you can relax and just let the love of God echo from you and the light of Jesus reflect off you.
8 OCT 2011
Peace in the Valley
Radical Islam is death and chaos - radical Christianity is life and peace. Radical Christianity is exactly what Christ preached in the Sermon on the Mount. Be radical!
1 OCT 2011
Blessed Assurance
The apostle Paul was persuaded of God's love in his life. It changed him, and it empowered him to change the world - both in his times and in ours!
24 SEP 2011
A Plan - God's Plan
The Lord God Almighty has a plan for evangelism - it doesn't seem to fit in with ours today. Not making God attractive to men, making men acceptable to God.
17 SEP 2011
In the Hands of God
When the Lord picks up your life to use it He will make beautiful music ....
10 SEP 2011
The Deep Things of God
Like gold, silver and diamonds, there are treasures of the Spirit that you must dig deep for ....
3 SEP 2011
True Revival
It takes true repentance to lead to true revival - a revival that leads to new life in Jesus Christ....
27 AUG 2011
Temple Power
The power is in the temple - and you are the temple! Let the Holy Spirit work through you and let people see Jesus Christ in you....
20 AUG 2011
The Word: Still Faithful
The devil tries to destroy it, people try to ignore it, the world tries to change it ... but God's word will still be there - unchanged - through all eternity
13 AUG 2011
Lazarus - Come Forth
It was never really about Lazarus - but it was always about the glory of Jesus. So is what is happening in your life.
6 AUG 2011
The Glory of His Presence
The life of a Christian is about the presence of the Lord - and the presence of the Lord will transfigure a person. The Glory will fill you up!
30 JUL 2011
I Only Have Eyes For You
The Law and the Prophets point to Jesus - so does everything else if your eyes are open!
23 JUL 2011
Let's Talk About Jesus
When you talk about Jesus ... Jesus talks about you. Now that's exciting!
16 JUL 2011
The Jailer
Somebody had to do it; somebody had to go. Paul the apostle had said to the Lord like Isaiah did, 'Here am I, send me." So the Lord sent him!
9 JUL 2011
People Who Offend You
We live in a world where people care little about your feelings and they offend you without a thought. Here is how to take care of that.
2 JUL 2011
Fast Food
Did the people of God go to the hamburger joint on the corner to pick up their "meal offering" for the Lord?
18 JUN 2011
Danger Lurks
There is a fight going on, the flesh versus the spirit - and it's going to be a knockout!
11 JUN 2011
There is an Open Door
The door has been unlocked and opened - you just have to walk on through. There's good stuff on the other side!
4 JUN 2011
Purple Grass
They say the grass is always greener on the other side - but even on the new side of life, it's usually still purple!
28 MAY 2011
See-Saw with Jesus
One goes up - and one goes down. And, it's supposed to stay that way until Jesus does a miracle and both side are up - way up!
21 MAY 2011
A Peter Kind of Faith
Did you ever consider that there are parts of the Bible that you shouldn't read! WARNING: Solid food ahead, not milk - don't choke.
14 MAY 2011
High Fashion for the High Life
You have probably heard it told that you should dress for success. The Word of God is in complete agreement - so get out your top-hat...
7 MAY 2011
Be On Guard
These are perilous times. There are many things coming against the people of God, and as Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us!"
23 APR 2011
A Royal Wedding
No, not in London. Someplace far nicer - and the Bridegroom is about to show up. Invite people to the wedding feast right away.
16 APR 2011
Pre-Prayered or Prepared
Being prepared is good, ask any Boy Scout; Being pre-prayered is better, ask the Holy Spirit
9 APR 2011