The Good Confession When things go wrong and have you down, that is the time to look up. Lift your eyes, your heart, and your voice and praise the Lord. If you proclaim that He is your Lord and Savior, then He is in control and you will see the salvation of God. 7:00 21 MAY 2016
The Lighthouse The world is crisscrossed with wide and easy ways and they all lead to destruction. There is a way, the cross, that leads to life and there is a lighthouse that points the way. Jesus said that we are the light of the world and that He is the Way! 5:24 7 MAY 2016
In The Moonlight Who would pick a lump of rock to reflect a light? The Lord God Almighty would, that's who! And praise the Lord, if you are a child of God, you are blessed to be that lump. Alleluia! Shine onů 7:02 30 APR 2016
Guarding Your Soul The breastplate of righteousness protects a heart filled with God's love - and that should guard the words of our mouths. And as Solomon said, that will guard our souls from troubles! 6:09 23 APR 2016
Upside Down - Right Side Up The Lord will turn a willing life upside down to make it right side up. And then He can use that life to spread His love and His word - seeds that will grow new life! 6:37 16 APR 2016
Holy Salt Shakers As promised through the prophet Isaiah long ago, the Spirit has been poured out from on high. You might not have pictured a salt shaker - but there's been a lot of shaking going on since Pentecost! 5:55 9 APR 2016
Fixing the Nation The Lord has a glorious, heavenly plan to fix what ails the nation - and it is obvious how badly it is ailing. You may think that the answer is in the voting booth in November, but actually it is in the prayer closet today. 6:55 2 APR 2016
Snake Troubles No, this is about not when the snakes trouble you - it is about when you trouble the snakes! So, the serpents of old had better watch out. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 6:44 26 MAR 2016
No Jesus - No Peace We have become reconciled to God and have peace with Him through blood - the shed blood of Jesus. While we are to be at peace with all men as much as it is in our power, if they do not have Jesus there will not be true or lasting peace, only the shedding of men's blood. 6:21 19 MAR 2016
Friend or Foe The early church in Jerusalem was afraid of Saul with good reason when he arrived from Damascus. They did not know that Jesus had changed him from an enemy bringing death to a friend bringing words of life. Are there more like him in the ranks of the 'enemies' today? 6:03 12 MAR 2016
The Majesty of Weakness David said, 'Once God has spoken; Twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God' and interestingly, we believers also belong to God - He has purchased us with a price. 6:44 5 MAR 2016
Refiner's Fire Neither silver not gold, and not diamonds, the most precious thing on earth is a child of God refined by holy fire. That is the person who is the setting where God has chosen to place the Holy Spirit - the living God. 7:10 27 FEB 2016
The Theology of Stuff Moses prayed, 'O satisfy us in the morning with Thy lovingkindness, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.' The Lord wants us to be satisfied, joyful and glad, all things that being close to Him brings to our lives. The things that this world offers will not satisfy. 6:42 20 FEB 2016
Temples of Mercy We have received mercy from the Lord - and from whom much has been given, much is required. We are now, as ambassadors for Christ, to be the very place that others should encounter His mercy and love. 7:47 13 FEB 2016
Completely Satisfied The world promises it in a million ways, and it fails in every one of them. The Lord desires that you get the desires of your heart, but of course He wants to be the desire of your heart. Not one promise that He has promised has failed to come to pass! 7:15 6 FEB 2016
The Plan For Blessings The Lord has given us a plan - let's call it a formula - for us to have all of His blessings in every facet of our lives. It is simple to understand and simple to follow for those who are willing. It is, as always, a choice we make. 6:17 30 JAN 2016
Power-filled Weakness Paul said that when he was weak, then he was strong. That is the mystery and the majesty of God's amazing grace in a life that is surrendered to Him. It is when the power of Christ dwells in us! 5:28 23 JAN 2016
Words of Eternal Life Peter said to Jesus, "You have the words of eternal life." The really wonderful truth is that He has now entrusted us with those very same words and given us Holy Spirit power to proclaim them. So do it! 6:24 16 JAN 2016
Ambassadors of Love God has us here living in the midst of the walking dead - and that is for a reason. The Lord wants to use us to show them the way, the only way, to become a part of the 'undead' who will live forever. 5:52 9 JAN 2016
Blessed By God's Riches The poor in spirit live in the blessings of God's riches. Those are riches that meet every need that we have and bring glory to our Lord. It is wealth that, unlike silver and gold, never loses its value or its luster! 5:21 2 JAN 2016
The Reason for the Season Originally broadcast in December 2010, this is still our Christmas message for this year. The Word is unchanging and God's plan, like Jesus, is the same yesterday, today and yes, forever. 7:48 26 DEC 2015
In Pursuit of the Goal This, of course, requires understanding what the 'goal' is. That is very important if you want to be happy - and even far more important if you want to be blessed! There is a difference between the two, and only one leads to true joy. 7:13 19 DEC 2015
The Wilderness Adventure When the Lord leads us to the wilderness it is often so our songs, our praises and our shouts of joy will not be dulled by the clanging noise of the junk, the dross and the cries of the world. And of course, so we can hear Him better! 6:49 12 DEC 2015
The Real Relevant Remnant It is more than just a song, but we should all be able to sing it; 'What A Difference You've Made In My Life' - and that should be a difference that the world should be able to see. It makes us relevant! 6:23 5 DEC 2015
Understanding and Power Being willing to do God's word leads to understanding His word; Understanding His word leads to fulfilling the ministry He has called you to - and doing it with Spirit filled power. 7:31 28 NOV 2015