Judgmental or Noble-Minded It is time for believers to be 'noble-minded' as the Bereans were and to test everything that is being preached, taught and prophesied in the body of Christ today. Hardly evil judgment, it is following the example and the commandment of Jesus, the Word made flesh who still dwells among us. 6:30 12 NOV 2016
Brain Zapped or Brain Washed If you don't wear the helmet of salvation somebody is going to get into your mind. And they will convince you that Washington, Lincoln and Franklin (on green paper) will be the answer to all your problems. It is a lie! Here is the Truth. 6:26 5 NOV 2016
The Command, The Question Jesus asked His disciples a question and certainly expects an answer. The way we respond to that query today will determine whether or not we walk in the fullness of His blessings. All too many Christians do not even realize that the answer to this question is evident in all that we do! 5:51 29 OCT 2016
Great Riches of the Kingdom Our God, who owns everything there is, has given us great riches through His Son, Jesus Christ. Like the peace that the world doesn't have, the currency that the Lord gives us is different; the currency of the Kingdom is faith, through which He will meet every need and desire of our hearts. 6:39 22 OCT 2016
Oh, The Glory! Look at the mountains, look at the sky, look at the sea and what do you see? I pray that you see the glory of God! His majesty, His power, His nature are truly evident in all that He has created - to those with the eyes of their hearts open to see. 6:24 15 OCT 2016
A Cord of Three Strands My wife Alice says that the answer is always three. Amazingly, she may be right! It seems that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit —all three—may agree with her. Perhaps we should modify our thinking. It will put power to our faith! 7:33 8 OCT 2016
The Language of the Kingdom What you speak and how you say it will identify where you are from; The United States, England, Spain, Germany, etc.,etc. It will also let people know if you are a part of the Kingdom of God or of the world! 6:14 1 OCT 2016
Shaken and Stirred Our amazing God will shake heaven and earth to deliver us and give us a testimony. It is His promise, it is His Word. Being 'in Christ Jesus' our Lord will break you out of the darkest prison and break the chains that bind us and keep us from an abundant, fruitful life. 6:36 24 SEP 2016
A Royal Warrant At least as important as what you do, is who you do it for. In the United Kingdom there is no greater honor than to serve the Queen and receive a Royal Warrant. In the Kingdom of God we get to serve the King of Kings—we have a royal warrant and oh what a glorious blessing and privilege it is! 5:50 17 SEP 2016
Together in Love The Lord has a plan to be make us complete, to perfect us—and it is a simple plan—love Him and love one another. Satan has a plan to destroy us, and it too is a simple plan—get us to disagree, dislike and divide us from one another. Which will you choose to follow? 7:00 10 SEP 2016
Remember to Forget Learn the secret to the power; Forgiving is the command—Forgetting is the blessing! That will take away the pain and the opportunity for bitterness to take hold and bring about the unity that Jesus prayed for in the garden. 6:13 3 SEP 2016
Just Like Jesus There are so many great and wonderful promises made by the Lord God to believers; Could any be better than this? He is at work to make us just like, not a little like, His Son Jesus! 6:24 27 AUG 2016
Power-filled, Effective Prayers The effective prayer of a righteous man availeth much as James wrote. That is because it is answered by the power of God propelled by the faith and obedience of a man, woman or child walking in the will of God! 6:39 20 AUG 2016
The Father's Child It should be obvious that you cannot pray to our Father unless He is your father! It is the privilege of His children. If you are not His child you can always pray to the Lord God Almighty to be your Father—isn't that grand? 6:19 13 AUG 2016
Thy Will Be Done When our prayers change from trying to change God's mind to having Him change our hearts, our prayer life will be changed, becoming filled with power. Praying will become a habit, a joy - and the most effective tool in our spiritual arsenal. It will sharpen the Sword! 6:41 6 AUG 2016
From Under to Over The curse of the Law was a crushing weight upon us, but now the Lord has raised us to new heights so we can ride upon the blessings of the Law. It is far better to be over than under! 5:37 30 JUL 2016
Purposeful Prayer The apostle Paul instructed that we are to "pray without ceasing" but our prayers needs to have purpose - purpose that the Lord has made clear. It is indeed two-way communication, with the most important part being what we hear rather than what we have to say! 5:00 23 JUL 2016
Dying To Self(ies) We are living in the age of 'selfies' which should be a clear indication of how focused people have become on themselves. As a matter of fact the new cameras all do the focusing for you - but not on Jesus who we are commanded to fix our eyes upon. 5:39 16 JUL 2016
Giving For His Glory We are blessed to be able to give because we have been supplied with an abundance of what the Lord would have us share with those in need. The ones we give to are blessed, we are blessed more-it is more blessed to give than to receive-and God is glorified. 5:53 9 JUL 2016
At My Father's Side Our heavenly Father has commanded fathers here on earth to imitate Him, training their children in the Word. He was speaking through Jesus to do just that in fact when He taught the Sermon on the Mount to the children of God, those led by the Spirit of Truth. 6:30 2 JUL 2016
Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll's Alice saw a distorted fantasy world when she went through the 'Looking-Glass', but we see a distorted world if we don't look through the clear glass of God's Word. Like a jeweler using a lupe, we must appraise all things by viewing them through the God-breathed Scriptures. 5:50 25 JUN 2016
Molding the Clay The Father loves us just as we are - and He loves us enough to not leave us just the way we are! He, the Potter, is molding us into something wonderful and glorious - the image of His Son Christ Jesus. 6:39 18 JUN 2016
Bringing Down the Wall The walls of Jericho collapsed at the sounds of trumpets and shouts of praise. Not nearly as great and wonderful as when the Word of God brings down the walls of tradition! 5:56 11 JUN 2016
Theology of Blessings The Lord has a wonderful plan to meet your needs, and as usual, His ways are not our ways. The Lord wants you to have abundance so that you can be mightly blessed, but again, perhaps not in the way you may think! 6:25 4 JUN 2016
Pollution in the Water Something has been added to the pure living waters of God's word and it is poison! Those who don't love His word are not afraid to change His word and death will be the result sad to say - for them. 7:46 28 MAY 2016