Seeds of Life The whole armor of God, protecting us from the wiles of the devil, starts with protecting our reproductive area—the loins. Satan is deathly afraid of the people of God reproducing. 6:57 20 MAY 2017
The Chariot of God The bus—or the car, or the plane, or the bike, is not God's chariot, the Spirit filled person who is driving or riding is! It does not matter what that person looks like or how they are dressed, all that matters is the 'passenger' —the Lord God Almighty. 7:25 13 MAY 2017
Out of the Tomb, Into New Clothes It is time for the saints of God to take off the graveclothes and put on the robes of righteousness; to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to dress in high (very high) fashion. 7:38 6 MAY 2017
Who's In Charge Here? The Fruit of the Spirit includes temperance, self-control. But the truth is that you don't want to be in control because you will only get in the Lord's way! Surrender control to the Holy Spirit, and while you are at it, why not surrender all? 6:00 29 APR 2017
Education 101 The Jews were astonished by Jesus' teaching and asked where He had gotten such education. The question for believers in our day is, where do we get our education? 6:27 22 APR 2017
Both Gentle and Bold The saints of God are to be as bold as lions and gentle as lambs, something only the Holy Spirit can give us the power to do. It is following in the steps of Jesus! 6:28 15 APR 2017
The Father's Unfailing Faithfulness The children of God, those who are led by the Spirit, should have absolute confidence in the Lord's faithfulness. The people of the world on the other hand unfortunately have no cause to be confident of their homes, their jobs, their political leaders, the economy, etc.,etc. Give them some good news. Jesus is reaching out to touch them! 7:19 8 APR 2017
Good Out Of Chaos When there was a formless void and darkness the Lord God created light by speaking it into existence. He has been speaking life, light and good order into all who will receive it ever since. And it is still good! 5:44 1 APR 2017
A Righteous Morality There is righteousness, with only one standard, and then there is morality with any number of standards. To have the right standard of morality, you have to have righteousness. Thank the Lord it is a free gift! 6:54 25 MAR 2017
The Right Kind of Kindness There is a kind of kindness that can only be found in one place—in the hands of the Lord God. It is more than sympathy, it is the compassion and love of Jesus working through His true disciples. It is the right kind of kindness! 6:42 18 MAR 2017
Confidence in God's Timing Jesus showed up at Lazarus' tomb after he had been dead and buried for four days. His timing was perfect! When Jesus was on the way to raise Jairus' daughter from death, an interruption along the way did not make him late. When Christians become impatient, it is because they have forgotten that the Lord's time is always perfect, the right time. 5:50 11 MAR 2017
When It's Bow or Burn No man can serve two masters. If you bow before 'Nebuchadnezzer' the head of the world system, you will avoid the furnace. If however, you choose to bow before the Lord God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, you will burn with a holy zeal that will light up your life. And, His Son Jesus will join you for the adventure! 6:25 4 MAR 2017
The Promise of Peace The apostle Paul provides a list in his letter to the Romans of the things we face in the world that cannot separate us from the love of God. Since our peace comes from the love of God, those things also cannot shake the peace of a believer! 6:12 25 FEB 2017
Shout the Victory If you want spiritual victory in your life you need the Lord God to fight your battles. For that to happen you need to sing, to shout, to praise the Lord. Be a cheerleader! 6:36 18 FEB 2017
Madly In Love Not padded pews, not pipe organs or stained glass windows; Christianity is about the love between Jesus and you! It is a love that will make your heart beat faster—I know because the Word tells me so. 6:18 11 FEB 2017
Powerful, Power-filled, Love Guns, bullets, rockets, bombs--so many ways to bring death to an enemy! But there is only one way to bring life to an enemy, and in the process to take those kinds of weapons out of his hands, and that is with the love of God. More powerful than a nuclear bomb! 6:16 4 FEB 2017
Love Changed Me The song says that 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing' - and that's about as close as the world can get to defining it! The Word, on the other hand, will tell you that real love starts with a choice. 6:54 28 JAN 2017
He Rescued Me In a world growing increasingly dark, God the Father sent a light to lead me to the truth. Jesus, His only begotten Son, is the Light and He is the Truth—and He has rescued me. 6:59 21 JAN 2017
A Fan of the Word If you are a fan of the local football team, wear their colors, talk about them all the time, always bring them up in conversation, that will not bother anybody—unless of course they don't care about football or, worse yet, are a fan of a different team. If you are a fan(atic) of Jesus Christ, that will not bother anybody--unless of course... 6:02 14 JAN 2017
Just a Face in the Crowd? Crowds followed Jesus, disciples followed the Son of God who had the words of eternal life. Crowds left Jesus when His word became too difficult, disciples endure until the end. Crowds have an experience, disciples have a testimony! 5:46 7 JAN 2017
Used for His Glory A humble heart will always lead a person to seek to live a life that glorifies the Lord God. Pride in a persons life will cause them to try to take the glory from God. And the Word says that the Lord will not give His glory to another! 6:04 31 DEC 2016
The Dictator All dictators are bad, usually quite evil! Look at Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini. All except one that is. The exception is Jesus, the One whom I love because He first loved me. This King of mine is the One Charles Wesley sung about, calling Him the 'lover of my soul.' 6:40 17 DEC 2016
Joy From a Broken Heart A broken and contrite heart is what the Lord desires so that He may mold it and transform it into a heart that is filled to overflowing with His love, His joy, and His peace. It is clay in the hands of the Master Potter! 6:38 10 DEC 2016
Don't Trust - Test Somebody hurt your feelings? Poor baby! Perhaps now the Lord will bless you and let your feelings die. May they pass away and let you spirit fully live the life, the new life, that God Almighty gave you as a gift. It cost Jesus on the cross to purchase that gift for you. 6:30 3 DEC 2016
Dealing with Offence The Lord spoke through the prophet Jeremiah to say, '…cursed is the man who trusts in mankind…' so I say don't trust me, test me. And by the way, test everybody else who says they speak for the Lord. 8:09 26 NOV 2016
Tolerated Sin There is sorrow that leads to repentance, that leads to forgiveness, that leads to joy, that leads to rejoicing, that leads to life, that leads to the knowledge of the truth. Hooray! Or, there is lack of repentance leads to sin that is tolerated in one's life. No hooray there... 6:19 19 NOV 2016