Strange Doctrines The apostle Paul wrote to Timothy to instruct certain men not to teach strange doctrines. He had warned others in Corinth to guard against those who would preach a different gospel or a different Spirit, all pointing to another Jesus that Paul never preached. How much more in these days must we be on the alert? 5:29 23 JUN 2018
The Bill of Rights (or wrongs) This is about freedom of speech, unless of course, there is no freedom to say whatever you want. It is not about the Constitution, it is about the Word of God - and the topic becomes more important each day! 6:36 16 JUN 2018
The Greatest Calling There is no higher calling from the Lord in our lives than to bow down low! To humble ourselves to serve Him — and to serve each other with the love that God has poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Like Jesus Himself while on earth, to serve and not to be served. 5:11 9 JUN 2018
Nuclear Powered Prayer Let the fission destroy our division so that there is no confusion about the fusion! The price of that explosive event was too dear to ignore. Are you tired of prayers that seem to have no power? Then consider this and get ready to see the glory of God! 7:59 2 JUN 2018
Praying to Listen As often as we pray to tell the Lord our requests, to seek blessings for others, and so many other things, we must also pray to hear from the Lord. Not just to speak to Him, we need to train ourselves to speak WITH Him and to listen. Open our ears Lord! 5:56 26 MAY 2018
The Appointed Time There is indeed an appointed time for everything—and there is One who controls time, our God! From Genesis to Revelation it is He who determines the timing of events, both in the world and in your life. Don't take my word, ask Jesus, the same yesterday today and forever, who is, and was and is to come. 6:31 19 MAY 2018
See the Chariots When the eyes of our hearts are opened in faith to see the 'chariots of fire' that the Lord has sent to deliver us, we will be blessed and God will be glorified. That is the abundant life that Jesus came and died to bring us. Don't settle for less! 5:53 12 MAY 2018
Consider This, Not That Religion is about considering one thing, and righteousness is about considering another. Have you ever considered that? Certainly we should! 6:52 5 MAY 2018
A Marvelous Faith An understanding of the Lord's authority will generate faith in you that will be marvelous. Yes, even Jesus marveled at a man who understood authority and acted upon his faith. It is the sure path to pleasing Him and walking in the blesssings. 5:11 28 APR 2018
Purpose Filled, Praise Driven A life that is filled with the Lord's purpose and driven by praise will cause God to count you worthy of your calling. He will fulfill your every desire for goodness and empower your work with faith. 6:43 21 APR 2018
Formed for Service Formed from the beginning for glorious service to the King of Kings, we have been molded and prepared by the Lord. It is no accident that you are who you are, what you are, when you are. 6:56 14 APR 2018
Passing Pleasure or Eternal Treasure All of life is about choices. For the believer this topic may be the single most important. We should choose to follow the example of Moses and Paul and the teaching of Jesus our Lord rather than seeking the pleasures and treasures of Egypt. 6:02 7 APR 2018
Don't Forget What Happened Tomorrow You have to remember what the Lord has accomplished tomorrow in order for you to have victory today. This is the real "back to the future"—and as it is written, "The end of the matter is better than its beginning.' 6:43 31 MAR 2018
Straight from the Temple As ambassadors of Christ we are to bring the message of the Kingdom of God to the world where we are 'posted'. It is a message of the redeeming love of the Lord. It has to come out of our buildings and into the highways and byways. 4:47 24 MAR 2018
Time to Get Serious Goliath, the enemy, did not take David seriously at all--until he realized that David was serious about the Lord! By then, it was too late for him, for the battle was the Lord's and the victory was the Lord's (and David's). 5:54 17 MAR 2018
Facing the Giants It does not matter how big your problem is—as long as you know that our God is bigger and that he cares for you. Then, if you want the victory, you have to act upon that knowledge and face the giant. 6:19 10 MAR 2018
A Sling, Some Stones, a Trusting Heart A little look at what we should do in the face of giant problems, and a very important look at what our God and Father does when we face giant problems. We really need to get this right! 6:25 3 MAR 2018
A Well Flavored Life Add a pinch of salt the chef says. Be the salt the Lord says! Contaminate it with the world the devil says. Jesus taught that if the salt looses its flavor it is good for nothing. 6:09 24 FEB 2018
That Lonesome Valley That great old song, 'I Have Decided to Follow Jesus' has a line that states, though none go with me still I will follow. If you are going to stand for the Lord, there will be times you have to be prepared to stand alone. 6:36 17 FEB 2018
Feast or Famine In the midst of a famine (for the Word) you can choose to enjoy a wonderful feast.The Lord has provided abundantly for those who will hear and obey. 4:47 10 FEB 2018
ALWAYS Carry A Weapon! The weapons of our warfare are divinely powerful and are not to be carried concealed! Keep that sword sharp and at the ready because your enemy is on the prowl. 6:08 3 FEB 2018
Little Things Mean A Lot The power of God working through our lives is a very big thing. But that said, it requires that we be faithful in the very little things in our lives. The Word says says that we are to examine ourselves?we should check to see how fast we are driving on the highway! 6:06 27 JAN 2018
Do You Hear What I Hear? God's word: You will either walk in it or you will walk away from it. In these perilous days the choice is a matter of life and death and we are commanded to choose life! The Word is the true health food. 6:00 20 JAN 2018
Live Long and Prosper The true key to long life is not about vitamins and exercise, but it is of course about eating right. O taste and see that the Lord is good. But all too many people perish because they don't know that simple truth. I wonder if Mr. Spock knew that? 6:31 13 JAN 2018
IF? Now THAT is the Question That little word, only two letters, may be one of the single most important words in all of Scripture. Your life may depend on how you answer the 'if' questions. 6:35 6 JAN 2018
Rightly Divided We need to go beyond being accurate. You can be absolutely accurate and be entirely wrong. Here is an example of what is probably the single greatest lie - and it is in the Bible! 5:31 30 DEC 2017