One Mind, One Voice When we are of the same mind, the mind of Christ, we will indeed, in one accord, lift that one voice to glorify the God and Father of Jesus. Our union will bring the most beautiful music that the world will ever know. It is time to do just that!. 6:31 19 OCT 2019
Free Blessings for Sale Jesus said that we could take the water of life without cost but it certainly seems to be offered for sale in an awful lot of places. The blessings of God are free, already paid for by the blood of Jesus, and they are on sale today 'on special'. 6:06 12 OCT 2019
The Children of Abba It is good to be nice, and it is nice to be good—but the only way to enter the Kingdom of God is to be part of the family! We need to be able to call the Father 'Abba' and Jesus 'Brother' or we cannot enter, no matter how religious we are. 7:16 5 OCT 2019
Meet My Travel Agent This is about Saint Me and Saint you. This is about God's plans rather than ours. This is about the Lord both willing and working His good pleasure; and by the way, for our good. 4:38 28 SEP 2019
Rejoice in the Lord - ALWAYS! It's not about how you feel, it's always about the choices you make. Jesus came that you might have joy - even in tough times and the Holy Spirit within you bears that fruit in your life. 4:13 21 SEP 2019
Protect Your Heart So much heart disease in these days! Protect your heart, put on the breastplate of righteousness - of faith and love - so you can stand fast against the schemes of the devil. Just do the math! 6:05 14 SEP 2019
Purple Grass They say that the grass is always greener on the other side—but even on the new side of life, it is not unusual for it to still look purple! Thank the Lord that we walk by faith and not by sight. 4:21 7 SEP 2019
Christianity Is... If you randomly ask 100 people what Christianity is you will probably get 110 different answers. And the chances are good that almost all of them will be wrong! We need to change the way we think. 4:30 31 AUG 2019
Pictionary and True Love How would you tell people about the true "Love Story" with one little picture? I did and it upset people, Christian brothers and sisters! 4:25 24 AUG 2019
Deserted by Many, But Never Alone When the going gets tough, or the Word gets difficult, many may leave you but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. When you are willing to walk that straight and narrow path you will never have to walk it alone. 6:55 17 AUG 2019
The Way Back There is a way that leads to life—His name is Jesus! A lovely old hymn says, 'Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling' -- at times it may not seem soft or tender, but it always is. It is the love of God at work to get sinners to come home because He desires that none should perish. 6:57 10 AUG 2019
Ordinary People Sinners born again as saints, transformed by the renewing of our minds...and yet, still ordinary people in the hands of an extraordinary God. Being molded and conformed into the image of His Son, yet still ordinary people with an extraordinary Lord. We are called to rejoice that it is no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us! 6:25 3 AUG 2019
The Hope Assembly Line God has a plan (He always does) to build our hope up. It starts with tribulation so that we learn to persevere! We have to be very serious and trust in His love in order to be filled with the joy that is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the peaceful fruit of righteousness. 6:32 27 JUL 2019
To Love the Unlikeable Can you bear this? Many of Jesus' disciples withdrew and stopped walking with Him because His words were too difficult. So He asked the twelve (and now us), 'Will you also go away?' It is easy to love those who love you, but how about the unlovable—even the unlikeable. A difficult truth, but truth nonetheless. 7:08 20 JUL 2019
God Chose the Foolish and Weak It is not about the package, it is about the content. Our Father has chosen a people who, like His Son when He walked this earth, have no appearance that men should be drawn to them until and unless that treasure we carry becomes apparent. It is His love, joy, peace.... 6:27 13 JUL 2019
It Isn't Rocket Science Wisdom stands in the street and shouts, and the Lord roars from Zion so what we need to know is also not a secret. He has clearly and simply told us. This is meant to be a reminder; this is solid food for the mature. What the Lord has given us is a light in the darkness. 7:21 6 JUL 2019
Molding the Clay The Father loves us just as we are - and He loves enough to not leave us just the way we are! He, the Potter, is molding us into something wonderful and glorious - the image of His Son Christ Jesus. 6:39 29 JUN 2019
Thy Will Be Done When our prayers change from trying to change God's mind to having Him change our hearts, our prayer life will be changed, becoming filled with power. Praying will become a habit, a joy - and the most effective tool in our spiritual arsenal. It will sharpen the Sword! 6:41 22 JUN 2019
Living in Style New life in Christ Jesus should bring with it a new lifestyle. It is all about choosing to walk according to the Spirit rather than according to the flesh, dressed in robes of righteousness! 6:11 15 JUN 2019
Straught From The Temple As ambassadors of Christ we are to bring the message of the Kingdom of God to the world where we are 'posted'. It is a message of the redeeming love of the Lord. It has to come out of our buildings and into the highways and byways. 4:47 8 JUN 2019
The Command, The Question Jesus asked His disciples a question and certainly expects an answer. The way we respond to that query today will determine whether or not we walk in the fullness of His blessings. All too many Christians do not even realize that the answer to this question is evident in all that we do! 5:50 1 JUN 2019
The Greatest Calling There is no higher calling from the Lord in our lives than to bow down low! To humble ourselves to serve Him — and to serve each other with the love that God has poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Like Jesus Himself while on earth, to serve and not to be served. 5:11 18 MAY 2019
Do You Hear What I Hear God's word: You will either walk in it or you will walk away from it. In these perilous days the choice you make is a matter of life and death--and we are commanded to choose life. The Word is the true health food! 6:00 11 MAY 2019
God and Man at Table A right relationship with the Lord God makes possible a right relationship with other people. Without the first the second is more than just tough - it borders on the impossible. 4:12 4 MAY 2019
Meekness and Majesty Real power and strength - the mark of a man - is not about who you can beat up, but about who you can lift up. It is about strength of character and the power to love. It is about the strength of Jesus Christ and the love of God! 6:15 27 APR 2019
Prophet - A Killer Job Lies, dirty lies and the lying prophets who profit from them. And then there are the true prophets of God, proclaimers of truth, who pay the ultimate price for declaring His word. They are the ones, along with those who heed those words, who will have the eternal profit -- life everlasting with the Lord. 6:53 20 APR 2019
You Can't Fool God They say that you can't fool mother nature, and that is true--because there is no mother nature--there is only Father God! That said, He is the only one you have to please. And it is true because you can't fool God! Even the wind and the sea obey Jesus. {Matthew 8:27} 5:52 13 APR 2019
Revelation and Understanding You can see a thing (revelation) and yet not understand it, and when you do come to understand it - that's only the beginning. There is still more and more understanding to be had…. 6:26 6 APR 2019
Glorious Prison Break The chains and the bars could not stop Paul and Silas, and the prison walls certainly could not stop the Word or the work of God! This was an example of a true prison ministry, with a jailbreak planned and carried out by the Lord. Our God will shake heaven and earth to deliver us--nothing is impossible with Him. 6:36 30 MAR 2019
Entrusting to the Lord What do we have to offer God? Everything we have or are is already His. Are we motivated to give by our love or by our greed? A hard, but necessary question in these perilous days when men are lovers of self and lovers of money. 6:05 23 MAR 2019
Death has been Abolished Let's all celebrate—death has been canceled, death has been abolished! Well, maybe we cannot all celebrate. Jesus said to Martha that everyone who believes in Him will never die. And then He said to her, "Do you believe this?" That, Mr. William Shakespeare is the real question that determines if "you will be or not be." Quite the question for today. 6:20 9 MAR 2019
In the Fulness of Time Revealed throughout the ages, made manifest in the fulness of time. The Lord's timing is not like ours. To Him one day is like a thousand years--and yet His timing is always perfect. This proves it! 4:44 2 MAR 2019
Dealing with Offense Did somebody hurt your feelings? Poor baby! Perhaps now the Lord will bless you and let your feelings die. May they pass away and let your spirit fully live the life, the new life, that God Almighty gave you as a gift. It cost Jesus on the cross to purchase that gift for you. 8:08 23 FEB 2019
What a Character! In an age when character is so visibly lacking in our culture, it does us well to remember that the Lord has a plan to build godly, Christian character in us. The problem may be that we just don't like the plan! Remember that He said, "'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope."  (Jeremiah 29:11) 3:55 16 FEB 2019
Sanctified Strangeness What has become commonplace in the world, greed, pornography, unwholesome language, a complete self-focus, etc., etc. is very strange to me. But I have come to notice that the people in the world find me, with a life led by the Spirit of God, different and extremely strange. A Holy difference, sanctified strangeness. 5:13 9 FEB 2019
Excited About the Lord What exactly excites you? Love, true love, will make your heart beat faster. It will put a spring in your step. It will make you wake up eager for the day ahead. It will make the mundane things of this world seem insignificant and marvelous. And that will certainly happen if the love of God is what excites you. 4:59 2 FEB 2019
The Test Becomes the Testimony When we confess that our God is in control and trust in Him, every test we face will become a glorious testimony of His faithfulness, love and power! It will all work for our good and, more importantly, for His glory just as He has promised. 5:29 26 JAN 2019
Counter Culture What Christians are should stand in stark contrast to what the world does. We have been given new life that brings with it a new lifestyle, and it should be noticeable! 6:17 19 JAN 2019
Just a Face in the Crowd? Crowds followed Jesus, disciples followed the Son of God who had the words of eternal life. Crowds left Jesus when His word became too difficult, disciples endure until the end. Crowds have an experience, disciples have a testimony! 5:46 12 JAN 2019
Confidence in God's Timing Jesus showed up at Lazarus' tomb after he had been dead and buried for four days. His timing was perfect! When Jesus was on the way to raise Jairus' daughter from death, an interruption along the way did not make him late. When Christians become impatient, it is because they have forgotten that the Lord's time is always perfect, the right time. 5:50 5 JAN 2019
Better Than New Year's Resolutions You can decide to change yourself, make yourself better, or you can get real and, like David, ask the Lord to change you. He know exactly what you should be, and He can mold, shape and change a willing heart perfecting you in the process. 6:38 29 DEC 2018
A Magnificent Obsession Living a life totally dedicated to and fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ is a life filled with true abundance, with riches that are greater than silver or gold. Anything else is vanity, empty and unfulfilled. 6:38 22 DEC 2018
Faith in Action It is clear that salvation, the free gift of God, comes by faith in the Word who was made flesh and dwelt among us, in the work that He did. But it is also clear that true faith will always be seen through our actions. Indeed, we have to both trust and obey, there is no other way. 5:59 1 DEC 2018
Ministry is... Ask a lot of Christians what ministry is and you are likely to get a lot of different answers. A more important question is who is supposed to minister; and what are the qualifications? This little video will hopefully help to answer both of those questions. And yes, it is important. 6:55 24 NOV 2018
Almost (but not quite) Real No fear of the Lord, no word of the cross, no self-denial, no 'love your enemy' - and there will be no Jesus! Like the church of Laodicea in Revelation 3 He will be outside and the people gathered inside (but not in His name) do no even notice. They just boast on how great they are doing. It's virtual reality. 6:05 17 NOV 2018
Faithful One Jesus said to His followers and to the twelve, 'Be careful what you listen to.' He often speaks the Word of truth to us in that still small voice, while in the world there is a liar who absolutely screams his lies at us. You may recognize that liar by his picture; though it may look like George Washington, Ben Franklin or even the Queen of England on the face of it! 6:29 10 NOV 2018
What Do You Want? Can you imagine what it would be like for God to ask you, "What do you want Me to do for you?" You don't really have to imagine because that is exactly what He has done, and what Jesus also said. The only caution is that you had better be careful, make that prayerful, about what you ask for! 7:01 3 NOV 2018
Victory in Jesus This becomes very practical when you are mistreated, abused, and not valued-especially in the workplace. The Lord has a way for you to deal with those people who treat you like that, and the secret is right in here. When we choose to do things His way there truly is victory in Jesus! 6:31 27 OCT 2018
Dying to Selfies We are living in the age of 'selfies' which should be a clear indication of how focused people have become on themselves. As a matter of fact the new cameras all do the focusing for you - but not on Jesus who we are commanded to fix our eyes upon. 5:39 13 OCT 2018
Forget This At Your Peril There are many things you might forget, like where you parked the car when you went into the store, and that can cause great inconvenience. Forget the all important truth that Paul taught Timothy in his 2nd letter and you will pay a much higher price! 5:55 25 AUG 2018
Pay Close Attention We all need to listen carefully and heed what the Lord says to us. Our lives depend on it! His words are the words of eternal life as the apostles said and we place ourselves at risk if they do not guide our beliefs and our actions. 6:01 18 AUG 2018
Fables, Tall Tales and Other Lies Satan, the father of lies works hard to craft his lies into acceptable fables, but the truth is out there: His name is Jesus. Don't be fooled and don't be conned. As King David prayed, 'Teach me Your way, O Lord, I will walk in your truth...' {Psalm 86:11} 5:51 11 AUG 2018
God's Word - Like a Rock His Word can be hard, but it only becomes difficult when you don't want to do it! The commandments were written on stone; the Word is written on a Rock. It is, He is, indeed the same yesterday, today, and yes forever. Let it bless you every day. 4:04 4 AUG 2018
The Good Dictator Jesus said that only God is good; and it is true without doubt that He is the only good dictator. He is after all the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Great I Am, the way the truth and the life, and as has been said, He is the lover of my soul. 6:12 28 JUL 2018
Foolish World The Scriptures say that the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, to the world, but to us it is the power of God. It is clearer than ever today that believers need the power of God—we need the word of the cross! 5:11 21 JUL 2018
Don't Pray to Ralph You may ask yourself, "Who is Ralph?" And that would probably be what the Lord would be asking too. He might also ask you "Why?" After all, you have, if you are a child of God, direct access to the throne of God the Father through Jesus Christ--make sure that you use it! 5:55 14 JUL 2018
Return and Be Healed The Lord has a plan for life; one that often may look like a road to death. It is extreme discipline that He intends to restore and return a person to life eternal when they are headed on the wide easy way that leads to destruction! 5:28 7 JUL 2018
Liberty and the Symbol of Freedom This is a video that I filmed in 2009 that resulted from a July 1984 advertisement in TIME and many other magazines that so missed the truth that I wrote to the corporate sponsor back then. This message is a look back at that letter and the response that was sent back to me. 8:11 30 JUN 2018