Piercings Required Pagan religions and cultures throughout time have encouraged and promoted piercings. You can see that in many places in Africa and the far East, or in many shopping malls or town centers in the West today. That is the counterfeit! Real Christianity however demands piercings. 6:20 30 MAY 2015
No Cost But Commitment Salvation is the free gift of God. We who have received much - that great gift - are then responsible for much, and that is called 'Commitment' to the One we love. 6:55 23 MAY 2015
Love Beyond Boundaries Natural, human love is restricted in its reach. God's supernatural love, poured into our hearts through His Holy Spirit, knows no bounds. It has an ever expanding radius in our lives. 6:04 16 MAY 2015
Sticks and Stones The old children's nursery rhyme says 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.' While I understand the meaning of the old adage, I will stick with, 'The pen is mightier than the sword.' There is real power in words! 6:24 9 MAY 2015
An M.O.T. Is it time for a checkup? Time to see if anything needs fixing or adjusting? Just pull in here and let the Lord do a once over, make adjustments and then send us on our way - or better yet, His way! 7:24 2 MAY 2015
Count the Cost There is a cost to following Jesus; and He said we should consider it. There is also a peace in following Jesus and being His disciple; and it passes all understanding. 6:14 25 APR 2015
Focused Prayer Our circumstances often direct our prayers; Extreme circumstances often lead to extremely focused prayers. The supreme example is Jesus Christ. And what He prayed matters! 6:45 18 APR 2015
The Place of Worship God has proven in the past the lengths He will go to to free His people and bring them to a place of worship. It may be a 'bumpy' ride, but it should not surprise us that He would do that today! 6:56 11 APR 2015
Counter Culture What we are should stand in stark contrast to what the world does. We have new life that brings with it a new lifestyle, and it should be noticeable! 6:17 4 APR 2015
Who Is In Charge Here? We are joint heirs with Jesus and will sit on His throne with Him - a truth that is most evident as we humble ourselves and bow down before Him. We will rule with Him as we proclaim that He is the Lord of Lords and the King of kings. What a day of rejoicing that will be! 6:34 28 MAR 2015
It Is Decision Time And everything that you do flows from the decisions you make. The very worst decision you can make is to think that you don't have to decide. Listen to the knock, listen to the still, small voice or you will hear the roar of thunder. 7:16 21 MAR 2015
Church of the Golden Calf It is a church that is not a church. It is however very 'religious' and doing the things that are pleasing to their god, the Golden Calf, but are abominable to the Lord. It started a very long time ago and it has not ended yet! 7:45 14 MAR 2015
The Optical Illusion You will not believe your eyes! And you are not even supposed to. It is far better to have real power than to know how to do magic. Here is where that power is... 7:05 7 MAR 2015
Armed For The Battle Satan is firing his big guns at believers. But since he has been disarmed he can do no harm to those who walk in faith - and who fight back with the really powerful weapon. 7:38 28 FEB 2015
Church - Is It This Or Is It That? Is it a building or a corporation? Is it an organization or is it an organism? Or, is it simply the presence of the Lord in two or more believers gathered in His name? 7:01 21 FEB 2015
I See The Summer Fruit There is a famine coming, not for bread, but for hearing God's Word. I will choose to remember that man does not live by bread alone and I will taste and see that the Lord is good! 6:54 14 FEB 2015
Hold Fast to Faith Jesus said we are to hold fast what we have. The question then becomes, "What do you have?" 7:08 7 FEB 2015
Honey in the Rock Nutrition Facts This provides 100% of your daily health, faith and life needs when eaten regularly as directed. Simply eat and believe. It is very tasty. 6:34 31 JAN 2015
You Are Safe You may have to walk through the fire - but if you do you are safe. You will not go alone, you shall not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you. He will never leave you nor forsake you! 7:46 24 JAN 2015
Doors of Opportunity Jesus opens doors for you that no one can shut. The only question becomes, will you walk through them? It takes vision and boldness. It takes a willingness to pay the price - it takes faith. 6:41 17 JAN 2015
The Word of Life We, the children of God, have been filled with the Holy Spirit and have the words of life inscribed on the tablets of our heart. You have no greater gift to give others than to share that word with the power of the Spirit. 6:25 10 JAN 2015
High and Lifted Up The way up is down! Jesus lifted us up out of the pit, out of the miry clay, but that was only the beginning. Now, as we bow down, He will carry us on up to the majestic heights of glory and into the presence of God, the Father. 6:40 3 JAN 2015
The Remnant What the world - and much of the "church" - sees as useless the Lord sees as the precious and faithful remnant. The grace and mercy of the Lord has preserved a people who will indeed be faithful and endure until the end. 6:24 27 DEC 2014
Breaking the Curse When everything is going wrong all of the time there may be a simple solution. It's all about the sour grapes after all - isn't it? And by the way; Happy birthday birthday Father's Day! 6:38 20 DEC 2014
Don't Be A Whosoever Wouldn't When the Holy Spirit pokes you that is the time for sure to listen carefully. Hear what He is saying and be ever so thankful for this great gift — that through His grace and mercy we have this power to repent! 7:12 13 DEC 2014