True Romance It is indeed the greatest love the world has ever known - and amazingly, it is about YOU! It all started when His Father sent you flowers; now that's romantic. 6:28 16 NOV 2013
Gifts Minus Fruit Equals Nothing
It may not sound like good arithmetic, but it is great theology. Just add it all up and then check your answer with the Teacher.
9 NOV 2013
Ambassadors for Christ
No ambassador is allowed to speak his or her own words, for they represent the 'kingdom' they serve. And yes, people and the Lord are listening.
2 NOV 2013
Our Father
Prayer is all about relationship - just ask the Queen or the President. Be careful about knocking at the door of the Castle or the Oval Office, unless of course you are the Prince or the President's kid.
26 OCT 2013
The Lord God of the Living
The Lord of the dead and of the living is the God of the living, not the God of the dead! It is a good thing to be among the truly living.
19 OCT 2013
Self-Satisfaction: Today's Flavor of Heresy
It is easy to hear about self-esteem and self satisfaction in the Church today; hard to hear about self denial although that was the message of Jesus Christ.
12 OCT 2013
Walking in the Newness of LIfe
God through His amazing grace has given us new life in Christ Jesus. He has also given us the power to live a new lifestyle to accompany it.
5 OCT 2013
Planting the Seeds of Peace
God, saints, and sinners: That pretty well covers everybody - and that is who we are to be at peace with. That is the plan.
14 SEP 2013
A Love Affair To Remember
It is a love affair and we are to be diligent in our devotion to the lover of our souls, Jesus Christ. God the Father sent you flowers - the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley - this is about romance....
7 SEP 2013
Worship God - Serve Others
Worshiping the Lord by serving one another - what a concept! It's not a song, it's not a building, it is a heart and a life surrendered to God, shown by our love for one another...
31 AUG 2013
In Spirit and in Truth
One of the most important - and also misunderstood - things that we are called to do is to worship God. All too often when we think we are, we are not! It is time to examine this....
24 AUG 2013
The Pressure to Conform
The favor and approval of God often comes at the cost of the disapproval of men. The enemy will apply all of the pressure he can to get you to look like and to live like the world while the Father is transforming us, conforming us into the image of Jesus.
17 AUG 2013
Secure In Love
The love of God - Jesus at the cross - has taken away every blemish, every stain, every condemnation that the accuser of the brethren would gleefully and gladly pour out upon us. We should be secure in His love.
10 AUG 2013
It Is Your Choice
Like with a radio, you have the choice of tuning in what you will listen to; in this case, the Word or the world. The choice you make will determine the quality and the destination of your life.
3 AUG 2013
How To Appraise...
How to appraise pretty much everything! When you examine things carefully - change that to prayerfully - you will not just know the facts, you will understand them!
27 JUL 2013
Changed By Prayer
Conversation with the Lord - otherwise known as prayer - should be the tool to influence and change us - not HIM!
20 JUL 2013
A Cry For Help
We all need help - sad if you think you don't! The thing is you have to ask the right person for that help; and the right person is named Jesus Christ!
13 JUL 2013
The Value of a thing
What something is worth is basically established by what someone is willing to pay for it. Certainly, your value is based on what SomeOne was willing to pay for you - for indeed, you were purchased with a price!.
6 JUL 2013
The Preachers
The church is filled with preachers - literally. If only they knew it! This is a call to proclaim the excellencies of our excellent Lord to the people who don't sit in the pews, but walk the streets - the highways and byways - of this lost, dark world.
29 JUN 2013
A River of Righteousness
Works do not lead to righteousness, but righteousness will always lead to works - works powered by His Word - that flow like rivers of life straight from the Throne.
22 JUN 2013
The Cornerstone
There is a rock on which God builds - a solid, unchanging, immovable Rock who is the Cornerstone. A Rock who is higher than I.
15 JUN 2013
Choose To Believe
What are you convinced of, persuaded about? The simple truth is that what you believe will control the direction of your life - and logically then, what the destination will be.
8 JUN 2013
Every Knee Shall Bow
It is about authority - and Jesus said, speaking of the centurion, that understanding authority equals faith. You may like this or you may not, but in any event, Jesus Christ is Lord.
1 JUN 2013
Crossing The Jordan
Entering the Promised Land requires traveling through the wilderness and then crossing the Jordan - and entering into the land of hope fulfilled. The trip may be bumpy, but the destination is great.
25 MAY 2013
Prayer: The Good, the Bad, and the None
We are to pray without ceasing - BUT, it needs to be effective prayer. There is good prayer, there is bad prayer, and there is the 'no-prayer' prayer which may often be the best.
18 MAY 2013