Let's Vote On It Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Democracy, Oligarchy, Republics, Dictatorships - Whew! A long list of names for different parts of the same world system. And it is one that is coming to an end... 5:39 6 DEC 2014
Disciple Without Discipline - NOT! God has a plan for us to share in His holiness - isn't that grand? And it only hurts for a little while! 6:50 29 NOV 2014
Two Faces, Two Minds Don't be afraid to have people see what you actually are; so that you might become more than you are. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees - the wax you use to hide the faults. 7:25 22 NOV 2014
What In The World Are You Really? You may be American, British, French or African. You may be a doctor, a plumber, a lawyer or a carpenter. You may be rich or poor. You may be a Baptist, a Methodist or a Pentecostal. You may be tall or short, skinny or fat. You may be young or old … OK, but what are you really? 6:17 1 NOV 2014
Killing the Sinners Our Father in heaven hates the sin but loves the sinner, so much so that He sent His only begotten Son. So why has He set out to kill them all? This may test your theology a little bit! 7:32 25 OCT 2014
Free Blessings for Sale Jesus said that we could take the water of life without cost but it certainly seems to be offered for sale in an awful lot of places. The blessings of God are free, already paid for by Jesus, and they are on sale today 'on special' 6:06 18 OCT 2014
Love the Lord or Love Your Life No man can serve two masters, you will love the one and hate the other. I choose to love the Lord and hate the flesh - to die to myself. Now, as the song says, 'how about you?' 7:11 11 OCT 2014
Died Once, Born Twice Rest in Peace! It is a far better thing to have two birthdays than to have two funerals. And simply put, the choice is yours, so choose well! 7:10 4 OCT 2014
Rejoice In The Fiery Ordeal Refiner's fire will bring all those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus to holy ground where they will see the glory of God. And others around them will see God's glory in us. 6:53 27 SEP 2014
Let's Get Personal The Lord wants a very personal relationship with each of us. It is after all a love story - He proved that on the cross. 6:32 20 SEP 2014
What Are The Odds? This is not a gamble; when you trust in the Lord you have a sure thing. None of His promises, not one, has failed. If you place your trust in anything else it is a risky business and that 'ship of fools' you are sailing is very likely to go straight to the bottom. 6:22 13 SEP 2014
A Safe Distance A former president of the United States said, 'If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.' All too many Christians are choosing to stay at a safe distance from the heat of the Consuming Fire that is our God. 7:32 6 SEP 2014
The Spiritual Superstars In every gathering of believers somebody is going to be "high and lifted up" and who that is depends on whether the body is functioning properly or not. If it is not the One that the Seraphim is crying out, "Holy, holy, holy" about then there will be corrective action taken. Our God is a jealous God. 6:33 30 AUG 2014
Bad Good Deeds It is a good day to pray, 'Send the fire, stir up the love, to propel the good works that we do.' Or else our good works will be the bad 'good works' that deceive us and the recipients of our efforts. 7:16 23 AUG 2014
Don't Give Up, Don't Give In God spoke through the prophet Hosea to declare that He wants our 'steadfast' love. That is an unwavering, unshakable, unchanging love - in response to His steadfast love for us. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. 5:42 16 AUG 2014
A Prophetic Voice There is a voice crying out in the wilderness, 'Repent and prepare ye the way of the Lord!' That is a true prophetic call in this day in which Jesus said that 'many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.' 6:32 9 AUG 2014
How To Win A War Better than Sun Tzu or von Clausewitz, this is instruction on warfare from the greatest warrior of all time - the Prince of Peace. A simple 5 step program to see the enemy defeated in the battles of your life each time, every time. 6:10 2 AUG 2014
Hey Sheep, Listen Up! The Holy Spirit is speaking to us to give us understanding of the things that the Law and the prophets, the apostles and other writers wrote in Scripture, all pointing to Jesus - the Word made flesh who dwelt among us. We know His voice and we are to follow Him. 5:29 26 JUL 2014
The Hollywood Version There are many different translations - even types of translations - of the Bible today. Here is one that you may have not even thought of as a Bible version. Hooray for Hollywood - well, maybe not. 6:00 19 JUL 2014
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Constantly confronted by choices - and there are good choices and bad choices. Fortunately we can get the inside information as to which are the right ones. What we believe determines our choices - what we choose determines our life. 6:24 12 JUL 2014
The Tradition of the Elders An ancient battle that still rages to this day though it was won 2,000 years ago - God's Word versus man's traditions. Satan shoots his fiery darts, but the Word is settled in heaven! 6:56 5 JUL 2014
The Word vs The Liar Satan is attacking God's word in these days (as usual) ... he does not seem to know that that Word is the same yesterday, today and forever. It is settled in heaven. 7:12 28 JUN 2014
The Liar in Your Wallet Jesus agreed with the world that money talks, with one slight difference - He said that it lies. Don't believe that silver and gold when it whispers sweet nothings in your ears and tries to seduce you. 6:00 21 JUN 2014
A Heart United Words have meaning. "All" means all; "Full" means full. The Word has meaning, and life and it should be treasured in our hearts. Like Jeremiah God's Word should become a joy and the delight of our hearts - hearts united to love the Lord completely.. 7:08 14 JUN 2014
The Light in the Darkness A study of light - real, powerful, bright and glorious. The light of the world that penetrates the darkness of the world. We choose whether it is a laser or a prism! 5:54 7 JUN 2014