Freedom From Fear
The only thing you have to fear is.... EVERYTHING! Unless of course you have been saved by God Almighty. Then you have nothing to fear.
11 MAY 2013
All Things Work Together
It is a formula - and one that works every time. The results are great; take the worst situation, mix in these two ingredients, and out pops - Victory! Ta-Da...
4 MAY 2013
The Bill of Rights (or wrongs)
This is about freedom of speech, unless of course, there is no freedom to say whatever you want. It is not about the Constitution, it is about the Word of God!
27 APR 2013
Living In Style
New life in Christ Jesus should bring with it a new lifestyle. It's all about choosing to walk according to the Spirit rather than according to the flesh.
20 APR 2013
Magnificent Obsession
Living a life totally dedicated to and fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ is a life filled with true abundance, with riches that are greater than silver or gold. Anything else is vanity, empty and unfulfilled.
13 APR 2013
Unchanging Love
Dying - Most people are deathly afraid of it. I did it a long time ago and it wasn't so bad - and it set me free to have unchanging love.
6 APR 2013
The Wonder Child
Herod's Temple was a wonder, but not nearly as wonder-full as the children of God. This is the only description of 'what you are' in Christ.
30 MAR 2013
Hoping in Love
Lots of people hope in lots of things. Lots of people are disappointed. Those who hope in God's love will never be disappointed.
23 MAR 2013
The Joy of Obedience
Satan wants to convince you to 'be your own boss' - to do your own thing. He also wants to steal your joy and destroy everything else worthwhile in your life. All he has to do is get you to disobey God.
16 MAR 2013
The Prayer List
We need to be praying for our loved ones in these very troubled times. And we need to be praying - maybe even more - for our enemies in these very troubled times. It is God's will.
9 MAR 2013
Powered Living
Problems, problems, problems! Thank God that there are answers, answers, and answers. They are praise, thanksgiving and rejoicing - all in the name of Jesus.
2 MAR 2013
Praise at the Red Sea
It makes a difference - a big difference - on which side of the sea you choose to praise the Lord and give Him thanks.
23 FEB 2013
In Christ Alone
The Law is a tutor to lead to Jesus; The spirit of prophesy is the testimony of Jesus - everything points to Christ ... to Christ alone. He is the way, the only way!
16 FEB 2013
Victory Displayed
God the Father displayed His love - and His victory on a hill called Calvary. For all time and all people the answer is there to see. It certainly is no secret.
9 FEB 2013
Intolerance - A True Blessing
We have to become totally, completely and absolutely intolerant of sin - in our own lives. The Church is allowing the wolves in sheep's clothing to give the unsaved opportunity to blaspheme the name of God.
2 FEB 2013
Humanism - The Self-Made Religion
Hitler took the youth of his nation, Stalin took the youth of his, and somebody is taking the youth of your nation. Is that alright with you?
26 JAN 2013
School Daze
Every day, Christian parents pack their children aboard the big yellow yellow buses and send them off to be trained in the ways of the world back in 'Egypt.' They go into schools where Jesus is unwelcome to learn things that are displeasing to Him. Brilliant!?!
19 JAN 2013
Truth and Peace
Satan, a liar by nature, will take God's pure word and wrongly divide it to turn it into a lie. He wants to steal your real peace. Jesus, who is the Truth, has defeated him - so walk in truth, walk in peace.
12 JAN 2013
Saved From Wrath
As much as His grace is amazing, His wrath is terrifying! The judgment of God is sure and the wages of sin is death. You get to choose who that wrath falls upon - You or Jesus! .
15 DEC 2012
The Wise Fool
Being wise enough to choose to be foolish may be the greatest example of wisdom there is. Not being afraid to look foolish may be the greatest strength there is. If you don't believe me, ask my brother, Paul.
8 DEC 2012
Meet My Travel Agent
I highly recommend my Travel Agent - even though He always books me where He wants me to go instead of where I might want to go. So He always gets me where I'm supposed to be!
1 DEC 2012
To Be Holy
This is about Saint Me and Saint you. This is about what God has spoken into our lives with His Word - His Word made flesh who dwelt among us, Jesus Christ.
24 NOV 2012
One Coin - Two Sides
Faith and obedience are linked and locked together, inseparable. Like two sides of the same coin. The apostle Paul knew that and so did the saints in Rome. Too many Christians today do not!
17 NOV 2012
Paul, A Bond-servant
Serving the Lord by choice is the best choice a person can make. It makes you a bond-servant of the Most High God.
10 NOV 2012
A New Testament, Bible Believing Church?
Maybe not so much! There may be parts that you don't want to believe - but that does not change the truth of God's Word.
3 NOV 2012