His Church - One Body Proud of division, seeking revival in disobedience, in the midst of apostasy. The Church needs to recognize the real problem (us), feel remorse, repent and pray for the Potter to re-form the clay (us, again). 5:38 31 MAY 2014
The Chill of Offense The simple, but deep, theological truth is that taking offense is one of the great causes of division in the Body of Christ, the Church. It brings a chill to the fire of God that should be at work in us all. 5:38 24 MAY 2014
Simple Spiritual Mathematics Your Situation + (Faith+Obedience) = Victory. It always does and it always will because that is the promise of God, unbreakable and unshakable. It is a formula that has been tried and proven throughout the ages. 7:00 17 MAY 2014
Kingdom Representative Ambassadors is what the Word of God calls us believers. We represent the kingdom of heaven on earth, and we ought to do it well 6:03 19 APR 2014
United We Stand We are poor little sheep who have lost our way - when we allow the enemy to cause division among the people of God. This is a problem, and there is a solution - repentance! 6:38 12 APR 2014
Love Your Enemy It is easy to love those who love you, the world can do that. It takes the Spirit of God in a believer to provide the power, the ability, to love those who would seem to be unlovable. 7:53 5 APR 2014
I Surrender All The evidence of our redeemed life in Christ is Christ! When we surrender all and there is nothing of us but all of Jesus, then the world will know that we are the redeemed of the Lord. 7:17 29 MAR 2014
Meekness and Majesty Real power and strength - the mark of a man - is not about who you can beat up, but about who you can lift up. It is about strength of character and the power to love. It is about the strength of Jesus Christ and the love of God! 6:15 22 MAR 2014
Generational Curses Every person is either a child of Adam, subject to the generational curses of the flesh or a child of God, set free to walk in the fruit of the Holy Spirit! 6:48 15 MAR 2014
The Covenant He who is the Faithful and True not only is the Word, He is the promise that God the Father made to us. And that is a word, a promise that cannot be broken! 5:55 8 MAR 2014
The Gold Standard of Good There is indeed a standard by which everything is measured and tested. It is better than fine gold, more pure, more precious and longer lasting. 5:40 1 MAR 2014
A Glorious Interruption You may be on a journey to someplace when the Lord interrupts your trip to get you to the place, the destination that He has chosen for you - to do the work He has chosen for you. 6:20 22 FEB 2014
A Perfect Peace There is a peace that can take you calmly through the raging storms of life. But, you have to know, and be sure, of how it all winds up. 6:39 15 FEB 2014
Joy In Jail It's easy to be joyful when everything is going well, the question is, do you have joy when everything is going wrong - in the deepest, darkest part of the trial. And is it a joy that is contagious? 4:56 8 FEB 2014
The Foundation of Love Building, and doing all of the 'good' things that we do, because of God's love. Everything else is just stinky rags. 6:04 1 FEB 2014
Taking the Test Psalm 107:2 says that the redeemed of the Lord should say so - that our God is good and His lovingkindness is everlasting. And, we should say it with the way we live our new lives in Christ. 6:15 25 JAN 2014
Real Adventures in Travel The Lord will make the arrangements to get you where He needs you to be; for your good, His glory and to bless others. But it may be a bumpy ride! 5:58 18 JAN 2014
A Minister of Blessing The Lord has equipped you, and expects you, to bring His blessings everywhere you go to pour them out on everyone you meet. This is your ministry. 6:14 11 JAN 2014
Plugged In, Turned On, Tuned In If you are 'the redeemed of the Lord' you have the Holy Spirit. The question becomes, are you walking in the power of the Holy Spirit or has the switch been thrown into the off position. 7:58 4 JAN 2014
Giving Thanks for the Horror and the Glory Giving thanks on the right side of the Red Sea can make all of the difference in your life. That is a principle that Jesus practiced in His life - and in His death. 6:36 28 DEC 2013
Don't Forget to Remember What Happened Tomorrow You have to remember what the Lord has accomplished tomorrow in order for you to have victory today. This is the real "Back to the Future" 6:43 21 DEC 2013
In Perfect Harmony When we are in perfect harmony it is the most beautiful sound - to us, and more importantly, to the Lord. And yes, He is listening, it is music to His ears! 6:52 14 DEC 2013
The Book of Hope A lot of people have promised 'Hope' and then have only delivered disappointment. However, there is One who has never failed to deliver on what He has said. "Not one good promise which the Lord has made to the house of Israel has failed. All came to pass." {Joshua 21:45} 6:33 7 DEC 2013
The Creation of Me Seventy years to create something is a long, long time. Something must have gotten in the way - and I finally figured out what it was! 5:43 30 NOV 2013
The Sweet Smell of Fertilizer Well actually it may be pretty stinky, but it brings about some sweet results - when it works as designed. It is all a part of the plan! 6:30 23 NOV 2013