The World's Ministry of the Sword
Christians are not to resist evil people but to love them, while the government is given a ministry to deal with them for our protection and benefit - if only they would!
11 MAY 2012
Lies Are Twisted Truths
Evil comes in many forms - but we are supposed to focus on what is good (Hebrews 12:2) so that He who alone is good can perfect our faith. Avoid all counterfeits..
4 MAY 2012
A Shining Faith
Our faith is a beacon that the Spirit of God uses to send His light into a darkened world to guide lost souls into His presence. A lesson in prayer and praise.
28 APR 2012
The Potter's Tool
The Lord continues His work in our lives - changing us right up until the time we come face to face with Jesus, and seeing Him, become just like Him. The tool He uses is His Word...
21 APR 2012
Understanding the Law and the Prophets
While the letter kills, the Spirit brings life - and ALL scripture, as Paul writes Timothy, is God-breathed and profitable. Learning to appraise the Law and the Prophets spiritually will bless you abundantly
14 APR 2012
Being Poor In Spirit
This first of the Beatitudes is what establishes the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our hearts, preparing us for the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount
7 APR 2012
Reflections of a Glorious Light
Jesus has left the building! (Oops - the world) But his light still shines, reflected off not shiny, polished mirrors, but beat up, bumpy old humans
31 MAR 2012
Smoothing Out Life's Bumpy Road
Life is a bumpy road, but the Lord can smooth the ride out for you. There is a spiritual shock absorber, and His name is Jesus Christ!
24 MAR 2012
Dealing With Your Enemies
The mercy and forgiveness of the Lord is great when you receive it. Maybe even greater still when you give it. A powerful way to deal with those who do you wrong!
17 MAR 2012
War and Peace
No Jesus - No Peace. It is only the Prince of Peace who can bring any peace on earth - just as the angels sang when He was born.
10 MAR 2012
We Will Not Tolerate Intolerance!
We have to be careful that we don't become comfortable with - and tolerant - of sin in our lives. Otherwise we can get blessed with great discomfort.
3 MAR 2012
The Genie in the Bottle
A genie - I don't think so! It's not about getting things I want, it's about fulfilling my passionate desire.
25 FEB 2012
Pick an Arnold: Stang or Schwarzenegger
You have your choice of weak or strong... but be careful what you choose because looks can be deceiving! If you don't believe me, ask Delilah or the Philistines.
18 FEB 2012
Behavior, Attitude and Living Righteous
This sums up what the Sermon on the Mount is all about — and you definitely should NOT watch this unless you are prepared to be radical!
11 FEB 2012
The Un-Funeral
Thankfully, Jesus knows the difference between sympathy and comfort. He is great at one and avoids the other. If we follow His teaching, so should we.
4 FEB 2012
Mourning the Death of Me
I died. Not only was it not so bad, it was actually pretty wonderful! So now I will do more than mourn the death of others, I will do all I can to see them raised from the dead. That's pretty exciting.
28 JAN 2012
Buying and Selling the Blessings
The Word says that we can come, buy and eat without cost. Salvation, which cost Jesus Christ, is the Father's free gift to us. So why are so many 'ministers' buying and selling the blessings of God?
21 JAN 2012
Making Christianity Matter
One of the worst forms of persecution in the Church today is irrelevance! People just ignore Jesus Christ in daily life - having been taught that He is not important. That is also more dangerous to the faith than the spilled blood of the martyrs.
14 JAN 2012
Release the Spirit - Restrain the Devil
It's about the power of the Body of Christ to make a difference in an ever darker world - to shine the light of the Holy Spirit and watch the cockroaches scatter.
7 JAN 2012
Rejoice in the Lord - Always
It's not about how you feel, it's about the choices that you make. Jesus came that you might have joy - even in tough times!
31 DEC 2011
A Brief History of the World
An account of the problem, the promise, the prophesy, and the solution. From the beginning to the end - the Lord has it covered!
24 DEC 2011
O, What A Glorious Hope
It is a reason for hope when there is not a single reason for hope on this little old planet. It is a reason for peace in my heart in a world full of turmoil. Get this now!
17 DEC 2011
Revelation and Understanding
You can see a thing and not understand it, and when you understand it - that's only the beginning. There is more and more understanding to be had...
10 DEC 2011
To Love The Unlikeable
Christians are called to love those who are completely unlovable - not even likeable. Beyond tough, it's impossible without the love of God filling us. They will know that we are Christians by our love!
3 DEC 2011
Excel Still More
Wherever you are in your walk with the Lord, as good as you may be doing, halleluiah, we can all still press on to a higher place where we 'excel still more'
26 NOV 2011
Protect Your Heart
Put on the breastplate of righteousness - of faith and love - so you can stand fast against the schemes of the devil. Just do the math!
19 NOV 2011
Stepping on the Serpent
When you proclaim the Word you are attacking the 'world' - stepping on the serpent. When you do that he will strike out at you ... and you will find the victory that is in Christ Jesus.
12 NOV 2011
Masterpiece - the Mona Lisa or You
Leonardo da Vinci had his masterpiece - which will become dust and ashes. The Lord God has His masterpiece - you - destined for glory and perfection.
5 NOV 2011
God and Man at Table
A right relationship with the Lord God makes possible a right relationship with other people. Without the first the second is more than just tough - it borders on impossible.
29 OCT 2011
With His Word
The Lord wants to change you, taking you on that upward journey, to get to that place where you look more and more like Jesus.
22 OCT 2011
The Deeds of the Heart
It's not about what you do, but why you do it. "And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing"
15 OCT 2011