A New Testament, Bible Believing Church?
Maybe not so much! There may be parts that you don't want to believe - but that does not change the truth of God's Word.
3 NOV 2012
The Truth of God's Wonderful Grace
The Devil told Eve she could make herself like God. She believed that lie, just like so many people still do today.
27 OCT 2012
Following the Crowd
Don't follow the lemmings over the cliff and into the mouth of the waiting wolves!
20 OCT 2012
Submit or Rebel
The Word says you may never rebel - but you might have to disobey. You had better understand the difference!
13 OCT 2012
The Gateway to Sin
Look into haughty eyes and you will see pride staring back at you! Pride is the gateway to sin; humility is the barrier to sin.
15 SEP 2012
Searching for the One Who Found You
We have to ask, to seek, and knock - diligently - to find the Lord God Almighty who came to seek and to find us. You cannot just sit and look around!
8 SEP 2012
The Prodigal Son - Once Again!
This is a three continent celebration of the Father's love. It is a story of loss, restoration and renewal. It is a joyful account God's amazing grace!
1 SEP 2012
Wealth - A Harsh Taskmaster
There is a dirty, rotten liar lurking about - making promises to you, wanting you to love it, trying to gain your trust, and then your worship. Its name is "Wealth"
25 AUG 2012
Don't Build on the Sand
Anything you build - a home, a marriage, a business - had better be built on a firm, unshakeable foundation. It had better be built on the Rock!
18 AUG 2012
Yesterday, Today and Forever
Your past is different than what you probably usually think of, your future is probably different than you generally think of and so now, you are able to live the fullness of today. Hooray!
11 AUG 2012
What A Mighty God We Serve
Over and over, throughout scripture, the Lord says, 'fear not' - not as a suggestion nor as an encouragement, but as a command! And that with good reason, for without faith it is impossible to please Him.
4 AUG 2012
Faith, The Path To Obedience
There is a path that leads to God's blessings - it is called obedience. There is a path that leads to obedience - it is called faith.
28 JUL 2012
A Fight to the Death
Our spirit and our flesh (the natural man) are waging a war against one another, and it is a battle to the death that only one can win!
21 JUL 2012
The Cross Eyed Christian
Don't be cross eyed with one eye on the Lord and the other on the world - but be "Cross" eyed, fixed on the saving work of Jesus Christ at Calvary.
14 JUL 2012
The Greatest Love
There is no greater love than the Father's shown in the gift of Jesus placed upon the horror of the cross for my sins! His love never fails.
7 JUL 2012
The Devil's Scheme
The enemy has a plan to destroy God's people! To divide, to distract, and to disarm. This is a look at the effect of division - and a reminder that greater is He (the Holy Spirit) who is within us than he (el stupido) who is in the world.
30 JUN 2012
The Spiritual Journey
The trip we must all take from looking religious to living righteous. It is the call of Jesus - the teaching of Jesus - to us for today.
23 JUN 2012
A Trustworthy Word
The Word of God that we have been entrusted with is trustworthy. It does not need to be changed into a worldly self help message, because the Lord who watches over the word is our ever present help.
16 JUN 2012
Praying To Daddy
There needs to come a time when "Our Father" becomes our daddy! Prayer is not about convincing our Father with long and eloquent words, but about God's love for us, because "you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, "Abba! Father!"  {Romans 8:15}
9 JUN 2012
A Harlot Called The World
It's all about being a faithful lover - to the lover of your soul. It's about being forewarned, "For the lips of an adulteress drip honey and smoother than oil is her speech" {Prov. 5:3}
2 JUN 2012
The World's Ministry of the Sword
Christians are not to resist evil people but to love them, while the government is given a ministry to deal with them for our protection and benefit - if only they would!
11 MAY 2012
Lies Are Twisted Truths
Evil comes in many forms - but we are supposed to focus on what is good (Hebrews 12:2) so that He who alone is good can perfect our faith. Avoid all counterfeits..
4 MAY 2012
A Shining Faith
Our faith is a beacon that the Spirit of God uses to send His light into a darkened world to guide lost souls into His presence. A lesson in prayer and praise.
28 APR 2012
The Potter's Tool
The Lord continues His work in our lives - changing us right up until the time we come face to face with Jesus, and seeing Him, become just like Him. The tool He uses is His Word...
21 APR 2012
Understanding the Law and the Prophets
While the letter kills, the Spirit brings life - and ALL scripture, as Paul writes Timothy, is God-breathed and profitable. Learning to appraise the Law and the Prophets spiritually will bless you abundantly
14 APR 2012
Being Poor In Spirit
This first of the Beatitudes is what establishes the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our hearts, preparing us for the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount
7 APR 2012